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North Shore Health Hub

St. Leonards, NSW, Australia

North Shore Health Hub St Leonard’s project showcasing Doka Xbright Protection Screen system.

Marques Formwork were contracted by Roberts Pizzarotti to provide the full formwork and perimeter edge protection package for the North Shore Health Hub in St Leonards NSW.

Marques Formwork engaged Doka to supply Xbright Protection Screen system to the perimeter of the main tower.

Both Marques and Doka worked closely throughout the design and construction phases to optimize the Doka Protection Screen system to its full potential which enabled screen climbs of over 42 l/m. The climb was completed by just 5 workers in under 20 minutes.

Additional products supplied by Doka for the project include Framax wall panels for the bunker, crane lifted boxes, and a multi-core Xclimb short track guided system incorporating a 3m high perimeter protection panel.

When we asked Alan Masterson, Contracts Manager at Marques Formwork why they chose Doka for this project, Alans' response was “The reasons for choosing the X-Bright System from Doka were simple. All the hard and time consuming work usually associated with setting up perimeter screens onsite is already done by Doka prior to arrival onsite. Furthermore, we could see how little labour would be required to jump vast quantities of screen’s simultaneously, enabling the suspended slabs to commence a lot sooner than initially envisaged. We couldn’t be any happier with the product provided by Doka on this project and looking forward to working with them again on the next project.”

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Watch the video below to observe the climb speed of Doka’s Xbright Protection Screen.

Project data

Zip/Postal Code
St. Leonards, New South Wales
Roberts Pizzarotti
Services Provided
Sales, Operations and Engineering

Systems used

Xclimb 60