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Doka OneGo

Casting wall and floor in a single step

Doka OneGo is a high-performing formwork system for casting walls and floors quickly in just one operation. Its lightweight aluminium panels and optimised forming sequence deliver greater efficiency on the site. Doka OneGo is ideally suited for many different structures, such as single family homes, housing developments and highrises. All components such as walls and columns, shafts, floors and downstand beams, stairways and balconies as well as openings for windows and doors can be solved within the system.

Smooth start
of forming operations 

  • problem-free forming and stripping right from the start thanks to complete test set-up prior to delivery
  • thanks to professional support on the site from experienced Formwork instructors

Rapid construction progress
thanks to lightweight aluminium panels and short cycle times 

  • effortless repositioning thanks to low panel weight and built-in grips
  • fast and easy detachment of floor panels from the concrete thanks to the special stripping head
  • fast stripping of the wall panels thanks to slanted panel joints
  • faster forming with up to 20 percent fewer form-tie points and significantly fewer floor props
  • optimised forming and stripping process thanks to specially developed transition panels
  • always correctly positioned formwork panels thanks to clear identification

Easy to adapt
to project-specific requirements 

  • with 5 cm increment-grid for easy adaptation to different layouts
  • thanks to fewer special panels that are manufactured for the individual project

Safe working conditions
for smooth construction workflows 

  • with floor formwork set up from ground-level
  • thanks to full line of safety accessories


Doka OneGo panels

  • typical zones can be formed in a 5 cm increment-grid by combining the different standard Doka OneGo panels
  • variable sizes permit exact adaptation to the structure
  • panels can also be manufactured project-specific in various shapes and the required dimensions

Casting wall and floor in a single operation

Doka OneGo is a monolithic formwork system for forming, casting and stripping wall and floor panels in a single operation. All components can be integrated into this step. The complete system can be assembled and repositioned by hand thanks to the lightweight aluminium panels.

Easy connection and form-tie components

Wall panels are connected with wedge bolts while clips are used for joining floor panels; both connections are tightened with the OneGo hammer. They are anchored quickly and easily with flat tie-rods that also serve to define the wall thickness setting.

Windows, doors and stairways are built into the system

Doka OneGo allows for forming all of the components. Not only can walls and columns, shafts, floors and beams windows and doors be solved within the system but also window and door openings. The corner areas of these openings are built with slanted OneGo box-out corners in order to make the stripping process easier here too. Stairways can also be built into the OneGo system so that the need for subsequent installation of pre-fabricated stairways is eliminated.


Easy forming and stripping

The forming process gets started in the corner area using basic elements; then the super lightweight panels can be connected one by one using simple wedge bolts. At the edge, the floor formwork is supported by the wall formwork so that only a few floor props are needed in the room any more. Stripping is supported by built-in stripping functions – bevelled basic elements, special wall/floor transition panels, stripping head in floor formwork.

Stripping head 10 cm

The stripping head supports the floor formwork via beams on which the floor panels are supported. It not only allows the floor formwork to be lowered but actively strips the floor formwork with its built-in pull-off function. Only a few blows of the hammer and the entire floor formwork is detached from the concrete.

Ideally suited for large housing developments with layouts that are fixed

High reuse numbers are guaranteed thanks to the integrated stripping function for minimising wall and floor panel damage and also to reinforced connecting openings. Doka OneGo is optimally adapted to the structure – improvisations are no longer necessary, something that saves time and money.

Guardrail systems

Guardrail systems are easily assembled with the OneGo handrail post and protect the crew during the casting process. OneGo brackets can be used to assemble working platforms for safely forming and stripping additional storeys.