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Framed formwork Frami eco

The economical hand-set and crane-lifted formwork system for walls, columns and foundations

The lightweight Frami eco formwork, with its sturdy powder-coated steel frame, is ideal for fast and economical forming, with or without a crane.


Highly cost-efficient
thanks to its optimised product quality 

Long formwork-system lifespan, achieved by

  • high-grade formwork sheeting
  • specially coated hollow-section steel frames
  • sturdy system components

High strength and load capacity
thanks to rugged yet light constructional design 

Frami eco is sturdy enough for the crane and light enough to be set by hand, and

  • reduces the number of connector components
  • lowers close-out and rehabilitation costs
  • makes it possible to form faster, as there are fewer form-ties

Speeds up the construction workflow
by shortening the forming-times 

Faster working, thanks to

  • simple system-grid with fewer panels
  • low form-tie ratio
  • small number of connectors
  • minimised infill zones
  • reduced commissioning quantities

Comprehensive workplace safety
with compatible ladderways and working platforms 

  • safe vertical access with the Ladder system XS
  • workplace safety on all sides with the Frami pouring platform
  • practical accessories – such as panel struts, lifting hook etc. – make for safe, easy handling of the formwork



Simple system-grid

  • widths from 30 cm to 90 cm in 15-cm increment grids for best-possible adaptation to the structure
  • practical heights of 1.20 and 3.00 m
  • 75 cm wide universal panel for outside corners, columns and end-shuttering
  • larger gang-forms for fast repositioning with crane possible

Frami clamp

  • one blow of the hammer on the Frami clamp is all it takes to pull the panels together and achieve a flush, correctly aligned panel joint that is resistant to tensile forces
  • no need for extra stiffening reinforcements

Continuous height mismatch

  • continuous hardware slot in the frame for fixing the Frami clamp anywhere on the frame
  • continuous height mismatch without pre-defined increment-grid
  • easy accommodation to steps, slopes and uneven ground, without extra work


In use across the entire room height

  • only three form ties per 300 cm panel height
  • permitted fresh-concrete pressure: 60 kN/m²

  • cost-effective forming of stop-ends, outer corners and columns through special hole pattern in the 75 cm wide Frami eco universal panel

  • an extensive range of accessories ensures safety when pouring

Used for foundations

  • the Frami tie-holder bracket relocates the form tie above the panel (form tie not in concrete) for flexible positioning

  • foundation anchoring system consisting of flat tie rods and Frami clips
  • for walls between 10 cm and 80 cm thick in a 5-cm increment-grid
  • no anchoring through concrete
  • no supporting timbers required

  • the bottom of the panel is fixed with foundation clamps and perforated tape