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Cyclists measure their performance in Watt. Soccer players are ranked by the percentage of passing accuracy and kilometers run. What initially was left to subjective assessments is now replaced by sensor systems. CONTAKT has achieved this milestone in our industry.

CONTAKT uses in-house developed sensor technology, which transmits real-time data from jobsites, enabling workflow analysis and the optimisation of construction processes. The app enables the scheduling and planning of construction progress, materials and personnel required, reporting of actual performance, the execution of variance analysis, and improvements are made evident. Construction firms benefit from more transparency and can improve their workflows and competitiveness based on field data.

Doka distributes this unique solution worldwide as the exclusive sales partner of CONTAKT GmbH, a company of the Umdasch Group Ventures. For further details on CONTAKT GmbH, regular news and feature updates, also visit

Efficiency and construction progress in takt

with intelligent plug & play software and sensor systems for your jobsite

  • Easy creation of daily-/weekly-/monthly schedules by the Lean Construction Method, in an intuitive user-interface
  • Flexible planning of takts for optimum utilisation of site-crew resources, and exact planning according to team, concrete reinforcement and formwork needs
  • Fast communication with the team, due to clear & simple assignments of tasks and objectives
  • Real-time monitoring of the construction progress in your BIM model
  • Controlling and decision-making based on the live ticker from the construction site on completed tasks or deviations
  • Time savings due to automatic creation of site journal

Time & costs in takt

in all current and future projects

  • Construction progress & performance of all projects at a glance
  • Optimisation of workflows on a team- and company levels, based on field data
  • Increased competitiveness due to field data for more accurate calculations of future tender stages
  • In-house collection of big data for an active leadership role in digitalizing the construction industry

360° productivity with the Contact method

Graphic of Contakt workflow

Cycle planning

After detailed conversations with foremen of different construction companies, we distilled their input on intuitive cycle planning and developed a software program. Our goal in all this was to provide foremen with a solution that will make their work more enjoyable in order to help ease the burden on the site. Cycle planning is based on ifc models. Processes are automated in the system: it defines the jobs to be completed in which cycle based on available resources.


Cycle execution & Status update

After planning, the next step is implementation. Each day CONTAKT provides foremen with the operational steps to be completed by the end of the day. They then brief their crews. Each team’s charge hands start their current jobs on the smartphone and finalise them via smartphone upon completion. In addition, sensors on the formwork measure the progress on the job, provide feedback and thereby supply the person in charge of construction with a valuable basis for making decisions for subsequent cycles: target and actual situation are compared. Predefined approvals allow foremen to verify correct implementation or to intervene with corrective measures.

Doka Contakt Sensor

Construction progress & Project performance

Any data and times collected are processed by CONTAKT in the “Hub”. This is where the precious data is stored: all construction sites of a company report in real time and in a uniform manner. This way the data can be used for comparison. It allows for checking metrics such as subcontractor performance or measuring the impact of changes in the weather. Another benefit is that suitability of different materials such as the type of concrete or the formwork system used can be tested and optimised. This way deviations can be detected early enough for counter measures to be taken before much money is invested or time lost.

The complete building progress is vividly presented as a 3D image. As a result, the ACTUAL status of the jobs can be grasped at a glance. The crew’s labour hours can be tracked, including a forecast as to whether the calculated resources will last until the construction is completed. Contrary to current practice which mostly illustrates these values after the services have been rendered, thanks to real-time data, CONTAKT allows for proactive controls of the site.

The analysis of formwork and material utilisation provides an additional basis for information. The use of sensors allows for easy detection of the actual use of formwork on the site. This way the excess can be recognised and used on other sites and/or the threat of a bottleneck can be warded off.

Analysis & Lessons learned

Uniform and standardised data collection allows for comparison of data. The information gathered across several construction sites result in a pool of experience that allows for development of potentials that not seen in the past. This way Doka supports a continuous process of improvement.

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