Go Fast. Build Smart! Doka OneGo

Doka OneGo monolithic formwork system is the state of the art monolithic formwork solution that allows you to unleash productivity.

Pouring walls and slabs in one go.

Pouring walls and slabs in one go.

Doka OneGo is a high-performing formwork system designed to cast walls and slabs quickly in a single pour. Its lightweight aluminium panels and optimized forming sequence deliver greater efficiency on site.
Doka OneGo is ideal for a wide range of use including single-family houses, apartment complexes, high-rise residential and other high-rise buildings. All building elements such as walls, slabs, columns, beams, stairs as well as door and window openings can be formed with Doka OneGo.
Doka OneGo – conçu pour une vaste gamme de types de projets
Doka OneGo – conçu pour une vaste gamme de types de projets

Doka OneGo – designed for a wide range of project types

Project: Residencial Vida Nova
Location: Jaboticabal, SP | Brazil
Contractor: Magma Construções
Subcontractor: i9 tec


Smooth starting of formwork operations

thanks to test assembly that ensures the correct setup of the system and through professional on-site support from experienced formwork instructors.

Fast construction progress

by lightweight aluminium panels with a panel-weight down to 16 kg per m². This, together with the integrated handholds, gives better ergonomics and effortless repositioning on site.

thanks to short cycle times: through fast stripping with less damage, a special stripping head which releases the slab panels from the concrete, and through slanted joints, which enable easy and fast stripping of wall panels.


Procédé de coffrage Doka OneGo


The Doka OneGo forming and stripping procedure ensures a fast and damage minimizing working workflow.

Tête de décoffrage Doka OneGo

Doka OneGo - décoffrage à l’aide d’un décintreur

1. Stripping with pull-wedge – pulls slab formwork down by 15 mm

Doka OneGo - dégager le décintreur de la tête de décoffrage avec un coup de marteau

2. Release wedge of Stripping head by a hammer

Doka OneGo – décintreur et éclisse & système de poutres pour le dégagement

3. Lowering wedge and connecting plate & removing beams

Special stripping head for easy releasing the slab panels form the concrete.

further advantages include up to 20% less form-tie points and less floor props (only 0.6 floor props per m², or even less).

furthermore the efficiently synchronized forming and stripping procedure enabled by special designed wall-slab-transition panels.

Doka OneGo - panneaux spécialement conçus pour la transition entre les voiles et les dalles
Doka OneGo - panneaux spécialement conçus pour la transition entre les voiles et les dalles

For fast and practical stripping the wall panels can be easily separated from the slab panels.

Build smart.

Simple adaptation to project specific requirements

thanks to up to 20% less special panels and due to the 5 cm grid allowing for easy adjustment to different floor plans.

the system is also easy to combine with crane-lifted climbing and automatic climbing formwork.

One-stop solutions

delivered through adaptive formwork systems that provide solutions for non-typical floors such as podiums or sky gardens.

A high number of reuses

ensured through an integrated damage-minimizing stripping function for wall and slab panels and especially reinforced connection holes.

by avoiding damages due to accurate panel dimensions for hassle-free assembly and stripping.

Doka OneGo - des perçages renforcés spécialement pour les raccords

Specially reinforced connection holes ensure high accuracy even after a high number of reuses.

Safe working conditions

are ensured as the slab formwork is set up from the ground using the full safety equipment program, including Protection screen Xclimb 60.

Doka OneGo guardrail system can be either used on the formwork or on the building.

Système de sécurité anti-chute Doka OneGo et console Doka OneGo

Doka OneGo guardrail and Doka OneGo bracket for safe working conditions.

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