Doka Xpress CEU 02/2019

A heavy weight moved with air-cushion technology

When building the single-sided walls for a new high rack warehouse, Doka's technicians used air cushions from heavy-duty transport instead of wheel-sets.

Swiss retailer Migros is expanding its national logistics centre in Neuendorf with a semi-automated high rack warehouse for its booming online trade. Doka's formwork technicians used special air-cushion technology to move the supporting frame. A total of eight air cushions, which are also used for industrial removals, helped move the complete formwork unit quickly and in one piece. Initially, the plan was to form the 10.80 m long and 8.80 m high wall stages of the 182 m long, single-sided wall with two to three connectable elements and to move them individually with a wheel-set. However, this proved to be too time-consuming after taking into account the planned construction site process. Since the base plate was smoothed anyway, the formwork technicians found that the conditions for using the air cushions were perfect and the builders from Anliker AG and Hector Egger AG were also quickly enthusiastic about the experiment due to the obvious advantages.

Initially, the idea was to divide the supporting frame in the middle for the repositioning process. However, the eight air cushions were powerful enough to lift and move the 39.5 t unit in one piece.

supporting construction frame being moved by using hovercraft technology

Repositioning process completed in just 15 minutes

With the help of air-cushion technology, the complete 10.80 m long and 39.5 t heavy formwork unit made of Framax Xlife plus could be moved by hand with only four to five workers and relatively little effort. Therefore, the experienced construction site crew was able to completely reposition the unit independently in just 15 minutes. Thanks to the fact this process allows manoeuvres at 360°, the workers could easily strike the wall and the formwork unit set down precisely at its new destination. The air cushions were operated with normal compressed air, thus allowing a significantly smoother, faster and ultimately more cost-effective construction, thanks to lower material costs and the fact that there were fewer special parts used. The formwork concept is now being improved further on the basis of the experience gained and adapted for other construction sites at home and abroad.


MVN Neuendorf

Building construction:

ARGE is made up of Hector Egger AG and Anliker AG

Project partner:

TRANS CYCLE Transport- und Recycling AG

Planned commissioning date:


Take a look at the repositioning process in the video

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