Opal Tower


This exceptional Opal tower features 369 apartments and a series of dramatic vertical feature walls for the residential community to enjoy. The contractor Dalma selected Doka Protection Screens as the right solution for this project.

Perimeter protection screen system to allow combined structure and façade works.

“The biggest challenge for this job in my opinion was a façade that in non-typical, which means that it has protruding sections that could potentially clash with platforms as you climb the screen in a systematic manner. So, we worked together with Doka and our site personnel to provide a solution that allows us to safely fold up the screen, whilst climbing and avoiding any kind of clash with the façade and keeping the site and perimeter of the site encapsulated”
- Jason Andrijic, General Manager DALMA FORM

21.8m high Xclimb 60 protection screens with framed Xbright inlay covering 6.5 floors.


„Safety is number 1 priority on jobsites in Australia. We take safety very seriously and any system that we potentially would look at using at any site, safety would be the first thing we look at.”
Jason Andrijic, General Manager DALMA FORM

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