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High-performance video collaboration software for remote support in case of problems on your site

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Full order books and an acute shortage of skilled workers – this is a huge challenge facing the construction industry right now. Uncertainties and human errors repeatedly lead to costly stoppages. Remote Instructor takes on the challenge. Developed specifically for the construction sector, it is a real-time collaboration software solution using smart video-telephony to provide field support on any site for speedy resolution of problems whenever they arise.

  • Compatible with your mobile device (smartphone, tablet, PC, head-mounted tablet) and available for the mainstream operating systems Android, iOS, Windows
  • In combination with head-mounted tablet as handsfree solution, ideal for use on construction sites
  • Live drawing in the user’s field of vision; difficulties are explained as if the expert were standing right beside the worker
  • Live desktop sharing, so even remote content can be accessed
  • Zoom functionality for focusing on details
  • Cost savings because of fewer stoppages and faster access to support
  • Documentation of the phone calls and the solutions to the problems
  • For dealing with formwork-related issues by video link to Doka experts, but also for other uses within a construction company


Remote Instructor sets up an end-to-end connection between construction worker and an expert via mobile data. If no W-Lan is available on the site, the connection can be established between smartphone hotspot and/or UMTS hotspot.

Upcoming features

  • Display of 3D models for visual support of working steps discussed
  • Continuous compatibility updates with a wide range of hardware solutions (e.g. HoloLens2)

Field of application

Remote Instructor was specifically developed for the construction sector. Supplemented by the head-mounted tablet of RealWear compatible with the Remote Instructor software, it provides a combination of robustness and software intelligence that can stand up to the challenges in construction.

RealWear head-mounted tablet

  • 8 h battery service life
  • Resistant to water and dust as per IP66
  • Hands-free operation via voice command
  • Can be used without problems even at noise levels up to 95 db on the construction site
  • Impact resistant up to 2-m height
  • Can be integrated into hard hats
Devices used by Remote Instructor

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