The wall formwork that needs up to 50 per­cent few­er ties

Dokaset is a fast, cost-sav­ing wall formwork sys­tem for the build­ing con­struc­tion seg­ment. All op­er­a­tions such as at­tach­ing the lift­ing chain and plac­ing the form-ties can be car­ried out very quick­ly and eas­i­ly from ground lev­el. Ful­ly pre-mount­ed work­ing plat­forms, the Xlife formwork sheet and wide tie spac­ing are among the prac­ti­cal fea­tures that set this all-in-one sys­tem apart.


The fast formwork sys­tem for walls
will speed up work at your site 

  • up to 50 per­cent few­er wall-ties than con­ven­tio­n­al framed formwork sys­tems
  • short­er forming-times, as the formwork can be tied work­ing from one side on­ly
  • ready for use in a few sim­ple steps

High safe­ty dur­ing forming and pour­ing
en­sures fast work­ing and safe work­site con­di­tions 

  • the crew can place the form-ties and at­tach the lift­ing chain work­ing from ground lev­el
  • lad­ders, work­ing plat­forms and rail­ings are all in­te­grat­ed in the sys­tem

High­ly eco­nom­i­cal
as it is easy to op­er­ate and ex­treme­ly durable 

  • small num­ber of form-ties, which are quick and easy to op­er­ate
  • steel frames hot-dip gal­vanised both in­side and out
  • long-life, easy-to-clean Xlife sheet
  • wide­ly spaced form-ties, for short forming-times

Ver­satile range of pos­si­ble us­es
for fast adap­ta­tion to any on-site si­t­u­a­tion 

  • can eas­i­ly be com­bined with Framax Xlife and Alu-Framax Xlife
  • can be ver­ti­cal­ly stacked very quick­ly, us­ing pan­els from the Framax Xlife 'con­struc­tion kit'



  • rugged large-area panels for a low form-tie ratio
  • integral platforms and ladders, providing a high level of workplace safety
  • sturdy steel frames, galvanised both inside and out, for flat, plane concrete faces
  • stacking elements from the Framax Xlife 'construction kit' permit formwork heights of up to 412 cm

Framax Xlife sheet

  • very high numbers of re-use cycles possible, thanks to plastic-enhanced surface and special sheet structure
  • fewer positive imprints, due to the sheet's great resistance to scratching and vibrator damage
  • fewer areas needing repair, as there is no splintering and far less swelling around nail-holes
  • easy, fast (intermediate) cleaning, also using high-pressure washer

Not many form-ties, and quick to op­er­ate

Pressure ties at the top edge automatically keep the formwork-halves the right distance apart. These form-ties do not need to be operated. The tension ties can be operated from one side of the formwork, which is ergonomically convenient and saves a lot of time.

High safe­ty dur­ing forming and pour­ing

The access route to the working platform is safeguarded thoroughly and well. An integrable ladder enables the crew to climb up and down quickly and safely. With its rear and side guard rails, the working platform provides all-round protection during pouring.

Wide form-tie spac­ing

Wide spacing between the form-ties means fewer form-tie points. This saves on equipment, labour and costs, making for a high degree of cost-efficiency.

Safe lift­ing and re­sett­ing

The lifting chain can be reached from ground level – for great workplace safety.