Framed formwork Frami eco

The eco­nom­i­cal hand-set and crane-lift­ed formwork sys­tem for walls, columns and foun­da­tions

The lightweight Frami eco formwork, with its stur­dy pow­der-coat­ed steel frame, is ide­al for fast and eco­nom­i­cal forming, with or with­out a crane.


High­ly cost-ef­fi­cient
thanks to its op­ti­mised prod­uct qual­i­ty 

Long formwork-sys­tem lifes­pan, achieved by

  • high-grade formwork sheet­ing
  • spe­cial­ly coat­ed hol­low-sec­tion steel frames
  • stur­dy sys­tem components

High strength and load ca­pac­i­ty
thanks to rugged yet light con­struc­tio­n­al de­sign 

Frami eco is stur­dy enough for the crane and light enough to be set by hand, and

  • re­duces the num­ber of con­nec­tor components
  • low­ers close-out and re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion costs
  • makes it pos­si­ble to form faster, as there are few­er form-ties

Speeds up the con­struc­tion work­flow
by short­en­ing the forming-times 

Faster work­ing, thanks to

  • sim­ple sys­tem-grid with few­er pan­els
  • low form-tie ra­tio
  • small num­ber of con­nec­tors
  • min­imised in­fill zones
  • re­duced com­mis­sion­ing quan­ti­ties

Com­pre­hen­sive work­place safe­ty
with com­pat­i­ble lad­der­ways and work­ing plat­forms 

  • safe ver­ti­cal ac­cess with the Lad­der sys­tem XS
  • work­place safe­ty on all sides with the Frami pour­ing platform
  • prac­ti­cal accessories – such as pan­el struts, lift­ing hook etc. – make for safe, easy han­dling of the formwork



Sim­ple sys­tem-grid

  • widths from 30 cm to 90 cm in 15-cm increment grids for best-possible adaptation to the structure
  • practical heights of 1.20 and 3.00 m
  • 75 cm wide universal panel for outside corners, columns and end-shuttering
  • larger gang-forms for fast repositioning with crane possible

Frami clamp

  • one blow of the hammer on the Frami clamp is all it takes to pull the panels together and achieve a flush, correctly aligned panel joint that is resistant to tensile forces
  • no need for extra stiffening reinforcements

Cont­in­u­ous height mis­match

  • continuous hardware slot in the frame for fixing the Frami clamp anywhere on the frame
  • continuous height mismatch without pre-defined increment-grid
  • easy accommodation to steps, slopes and uneven ground, without extra work


In use across the en­tire room height

  • only three form ties per 300 cm panel height
  • permitted fresh-concrete pressure: 60 kN/m²

  • cost-effective forming of stop-ends, outer corners and columns through special hole pattern in the 75 cm wide Frami eco universal panel

  • an extensive range of accessories ensures safety when pouring

Used for foun­da­tions

  • the Frami tie-holder bracket relocates the form tie above the panel (form tie not in concrete) for flexible positioning

  • foundation anchoring system consisting of flat tie rods and Frami clips
  • for walls between 10 cm and 80 cm thick in a 5-cm increment-grid
  • no anchoring through concrete
  • no supporting timbers required

  • the bottom of the panel is fixed with foundation clamps and perforated tape