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Doka App Store

Icon AR-App

Doka Augmented Reality

Enriching 2D drawings with 3D models

The Doka Augmented Reality app gives you an immersive experience of defined Doka drawings. With this app you could build a bridge from 2D formwork visualization to interactive 3D models.



The Doka Tools app is a digital calculation tool for your site.

Time-consuming, labour-intensive methods of calculating the optimum equipment quantities are now a thing of the past. With Doka Tools, it takes just a couple of seconds to optimise the components for Dokaflex floor-slab formworks, and to work out the permitted rate of placing and the maximum fresh-concrete pressure during pouring.


Doka Formwork Design Software 9

Planning made easier with the new Doka Formwork Design Software 9

With its planning software Doka Formwork Design Formwork, Doka gives you a helpful and easy-to-use tool for optimised formwork planning at your site.

Doka Manuals

Doka Manuals

Product information and documents on formwork systems

With Doka Manuals you can easily get technical information about Doka formwork systems.

App Icon Hi-Vis


Scaffold management system

Hi-Vis® is a scaffold management system, which provides your projects with real-time electronic scaffold requests and scaffold management processes to track all scaffolding resources, labor, and material deployed on the project.

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