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Working scaffold Modul

The rentable modular scaffold for forming and reinforcing-work

The Working scaffold Modul is the ideal add-on to Doka wall systems: with this rentable modular platform system, reinforcement operations can be carried out safely and quickly. It is equally suitable for use as a stair tower or a mobile scaffold tower. To speed up the construction workflow still further, the platform units can be repositioned by crane.


due to its modular system 

  • can be used as bracing scaffolding, stair tower or scaffold access
  • vertically adaptable in a 50 cm height grid
  • adaptable in terms of layout, by means of ‘Modul’ hole-plates that each permit eight different connecting directions in one plane
  • has Intermixing Approval permitting combinations with other manufacturers' scaffolds
  • standards, ledgers, diagonals and decking boards can be systematically selected to make possible various different scaffold heights, bay lengths and bay widths

All-round safety
thanks to integral safety details 

  • reliable structural integrity is ensured by the defined assembly sequence
  • enhanced safety against tipover, thanks to its widened support base and to the fact that it is braced against the formwork
  • tested anchorage points for personal fall-arrest systems (PFAS) enhance safety during system assembly

Can quickly be readied for use
as it is so easy to handle 

  • controlled erection workflow due to the pre-defined connection-points on the ‘Modul’ hole-plate
  • boltless jointing technique using the wedge-locking principle
  • rigid, force-transmitting joints with just one blow of the hammer
  • the system is self-explanatory, which keeps familiarisation times short
  • units can be crane-lifted for faster cycling

The widened support base of the bracing scaffolding, and the fact that it is braced against the formwork, give it greater safety against tipover.


'Modul' standards

  • 'Modul' hole-plate discs every 50 cm
  • eight connecting directions in each plane
  • small openings for the longitudinal connections
  • large openings for the diagonals
  • tube thickness 48 mm for coupler connections

'Modul' base collar

The 'Modul' base collar even allows the basic frame to be set up by just one person. Once the basic construction has been set up and aligned in the horizontal, the 'Modul' standards can be fixed on in the desired total length.

Wedge-locking principle

Even when the wedge is only loosely inserted, the scaffold node is positively locked. By hammering on the wedge until the hammer rebounds, a rigid, force-transmitting joint is then created.


Safe vertical access

as the planking units have a manhole and an integral ladder

Using 'Modul' as a mobile scaffold tower

Travel rollers can be used for easy wheeling of the scaffold to its next usage location.

Using 'Modul' as a stair tower

The modular system means that stair towers can be configured with the stairway units either in the same or opposite directions. Stair towers assembled from the 'Modul' system conform to Class A of EN 12811-1.