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Nery Rocio Condori Penaloza

25.07.2018 | Turkey
Nery Penaloza moved from Doka Peru to Doka Turkey to take up a new role as a Senior Engineer. She has studied industrial engineering in Lima. In her interview, she talks about her experience moving from Peru to Turkey and settling into her new role.
Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hello, my name is Nery Rocio Condori PenalozaI , I’m from Perú and I studied industrial engineering at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Lima. Since starting my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a project coordinator with both the public and private sectors, including redesigning EPC projects for bank agencies into their new concepts.
My biggest passions are to travel, to meet new people from different cultures and to exchange shared life experiences; things that have helped me grow both personally and professionally. With Doka I’ve been able to interact with colleagues from many countries and establish lasting friendships.

A bit about your job?
I joined Doka Perú the same year the branch opened in 2012, which made for a great teambuilding experience as all of us were brand new and on the same learning curve. I was leading the team for residential and commercial projects, giving support to salesmen and preparing quotations, while also innovating and improving engineering solutions.
Today, thanks to Doka’s internal mobility programme I’m a senior engineer with Doka Turkey where I’m part of a team that designs formwork solutions for different projects in the execution and offer stage. I also make frequent visits to our sites as part of our process to improve our solutions and to understand the feedback given from clients and formwork instructors.

Why did you choose to work for Doka Turkey?
When I first arrived in Turkey, I was fascinated by the overall infrastructure and architecture. In recent years, the country has invested nearly $90 billion in infrastructure projects of which, Doka Turkey has been selected to work on many of the more complex projects. Not only will these challenging projects give me the opportunity to learn new systems, it will also increase my hands-on experience. In addition to the professional benefits, the working environment in Turkey is similar to that of Peru, which is also very important for me.

How did your daily life change when you moved here?
I lived with my family when I first started working with Doka, so we would typically have dinner together, talk about our day and listen to my dad tell jokes and stories. Since moving to Turkey, I’ve made new friends who are great to talk to, although now I face the challenge of having to cook more which has been an interesting, yet fun experience.

What are some challenges that you have encountered during this process?

Indisputably, the biggest challenge was overcoming the language barrier, and being able to communicate, go shopping or just navigate the city on my own. Typical expat activities such as opening a bank account, renting an apartment or connecting the internet can be tricky, however I’m lucky I have many people supporting me, in particular my new colleagues and friends.

What are the best elements of living in Turkey?
I am really surprised how two countries like Perú and Turkey, which are located on two different continents are so similar in so many aspects, in particular food, markets, and social behavior. Getting used to living in Turkey didn’t take me too long because it already feels like home.

What is the best part of working with Doka Turkey?
What I love about Doka Turkey is the working environment. My colleagues are very friendly, and they provide me with a lot of support, not only professionally, but also with my personal and social activities.

Lastly what does Doka Turkey mean to you?

Doka isn’t just a formwork company, it is the best formwork company to work for. The quality of the people and the organisational environment not only make it a wonderful place to work, but also provides you with the opportunities to grow professionally.

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