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Top 3 reasons why you should attend Doka’s Open Day

22.02.2016 | News
Taking place on 08th March in Dubai, Doka’s Open Day is an opportunity for all construction stakeholders to come and experience our systems and products first hand.


While probably the most obvious reason, attending our Open Day allows for our fellow construction professionals from across the UAE to come and inspect our products and systems first hand. No doubt, many of you will have seen our products adorned on various projects across the region, however with our Open Day, you will be able to see up close why Doka is the preferred formwork supplier in the Middle East.


We pride ourselves on consistently improving our products and systems while simultaneously innovating new technology that provides better value for our clients. Whether that’s time or cost saving, or enhancing safety on site, our ongoing investment into making our products better and extending our product portfolio is a fundamental part of our corporate philosophy.

In our outdoor product display area you will be introduced to our latest product portfolio as well as a full range of our most up to date services, making it clear to understand how we can best support your business.

One of our most important developments has been the extension of our product portfolio beyond formwork. For us, providing systems that run in parallel with your project requirements, making the search for multiple suppliers redundant, not only saves time but also allows our clients to focus on the most important aspects of the project in hand.

As part of our open day we will also demonstrate how to reduce your project completion time with Concremote, ensuring the required concrete quality is met.

The exclusive, award-winning sensor device Concremote enables real-time, nonstop measurement of concrete hydration temperature evolution and compressive strength build-up and is a great example of how our latest innovations can help to save time and money.

Placed directly into the concrete structure after pouring, Concremote is constantly connected to your wireless network and project managers can be notified the moment the concrete structure has reached its predefined compressive strength target, meaning the stripping of formwork or pre- and post tensioning operations can commence at the earliest possible moment, without compromising quality or safety.

Take advantage of being able to ask our in-house experts any questions you like about our products and systems and find out how our technology can best serve your next project.


As a family company, Doka understands the value and importance of relationships and therefore likes to consider our open day as an excellent opportunity to greet both familiar and new faces alike.

From the senior directors in our office, through to the formwork experts in our warehouse, we are all looking forward to welcoming you to our facilities and being able to personally show you how we can support your business.

For further information, or register for our Open Day, please click on the following link, complete the information as required and we will get in touch with you immediately.

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