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The formwork positioning system
for building vertical structures

DokaXact formwork positioning for high rise
Improve Quality DokaXact


save time DokaXact


save money DokaXact


DokaXact - digitalise the formwork positioning process in vertical structures application

DokaXact is the first wireless interactive sensor-based system, enabling high level accuracy of positioning wall formwork elements for vertical structures, such as high-rise concrete cores.

DokaXact is used with climbing systems and supports construction site crews to quickly and precisely plumb and align wall formwork. It consists of a centralised processing unit, which communicates wireless with multiple sensors and the DokaXact app. The system accuracy of ± 2mm allows maximum precision in positioning formwork elements. The DokaXact system contributes to an accelerated execution of formwork operations and concrete works - an important step forward in smart construction sites.

Introducing DokaXact - watch the video to learn more

Discover the benefits of the DokaXact formwork positioning system

The DokaXact system is another step towards digitalising the construction site processes. It ensures labour efficiency and more certainty of deadlines and costs. By creating efficient operations, increased productivity and higher quality of execution, the DokaXact system becomes a valuable tool for site crews working on construction jobs in the sectors high rise, infrastructure and energy.

accuracy icon


Achieve precise formwork positioning due to system accuracy of ± 2mm

DokaXact saves time


Save up to 75% in surveying services

Remote Control with DokaXact


Guidance throughout the entire positioning process with the DokaXact app

Live Data monitoring with DokaXact


Stay on track with live monitoring and reporting for all stakeholders anytime, from any location

DokaXact for highrise

What components comprise the DokaXact system and how does it work?

DokaXact inclinometer

DokaXact Inclinometer

  • attached on defined measuring points on the wall formwork
  • designed for Doka framed and large-area formwork systems
  • redundant measurement of actual inclination of the formwork elements

DokaXact App

  • guides site crew during formwork positioning process
  • enables live-monitoring of all measuring points
  • provides access for stakeholders with user group defined reporting functions
DokaXact App guides the site crew
DokaXact coordinator

DokaXact Coordinator

  • considers as-built from preceding casting section
  • communicates wireless in a local network
  • ability to upload data into a cloud

DokaXact system workflow video

DokaXact Application

The DokaXact system is suitable for multiple sectors in the construction business. It is primarily used in high rise applications, however it is also suitable for vertical structures in infrastructure and energy projects.

High Rise

Highrise construction sector
  • core and wing walls
  • mega columns
  • facade walls


Infrastructure construction sector
  • piers
  • pylons
  • towers
  • tanks


Energy construction sector
  • dams and spillways
  • wind mills
  • cooling towers
bauma Innovations award 2019 finalist

Finalist for the bauma innovation award 2019

DokaXact was among the finalists for the bauma innovations award 2019 in the category Component/Digital Systems.

VDMA, the German Engineering Federation, bauma and the head organisations of the German construction industry launch the innovation prize prior to the bauma trade show - the leading fair for construction equipment, building material and mining machinery industries. The award is a recognition for companies who have developed cutting-edge technology that is applicable to the real world of construction and focus on the digitalisation and resource efficiency among other factors. Find out more about the bauma Innovation award here.


DokaXact is the result of in-depth analysis of construction-site processes, taking the needs of the users on-site into consideration. The primary goal of the development team was to create a system which accelerates the proceedings of forming, reinforcing and pouring within the predefined structural tolerance, in a higher quality. In addition, creating transparency of these processes for all stakeholders was considered another key factor whilst developing the system.

Check out what our customers and in-house experts have to say about DokaXact.

Watch the full video testimonial by AJ Morrisroe & Sons Ltd

“The indispensable feature is for sure the accuracy of the element we are casting, being able to monitor it, before-during-and after the pour. It allows you to oversee the whole process from start to finish, to make sure that it is cast within the designed position, and there are no errors."

James Wibberly, Project Engineer, AJ Morrisroe & Sons Ltd

“The DokaXact system supports me ideally in my daily work as a surveyor. I do not need to be present for aligning and plumbing the formwork elements.”

Wojciech Jawor, Site Engineer / Surveyor, AJ Morrisroe & Sons Ltd

Watch the full video interview with Doka experts

"The benefits of DokaXact is to aid the carpenters on the site, to align the formwork, without the use of the engineer, because basically on large cores, you could use up to 3 or 4 engineers to plumb the formwork, but this can be done by one single person using a hand operated mobile phone."

Stuart McClaggish, Sales Manager, Doka UK

“We have the smartphone, the smart home and the next step would be to have the smart site. I think it is the next step into digitalization in construction work. I am pretty sure that DokaXact is going to be the standard within the next three years, in high rise or any other infrastructure project in Doka.”

Martin Mühlbauer, System Manager, Global Expertise Center Highrise, Doka

DokaXact in action

Reference Project - Elephant Park, London UK

    Elephant Castle building Tower
    Elephant Castle building Doka formwork
    Elephant Castle building in progress
    DokaXact used in Elephant Park London

CLIENT: Lendlease, London Borough of Southwark // AJ Morrisroe & Sons Ltd

LOCATION: London, United Kingdom


Lendlease has been working in partnership with Southwark Council to deliver a £2.3 billion regeneration project in Elephant & Castle since 2010. DokaXact was used on the buildings H04 and H05 during the MP3 stage.

Project part involving Doka products and solutions




Automatic Climbing formwork SKE50 plus

DokaXact formwork positioning system

Discuss your requirements with the DokaXact experts and secure the success of your project

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DokaXact team of engineers
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