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Daily work on constructions sites involves tremendous effort. Structures have to be built. Budgets and deadlines must be met. All this is accomplished day in, day out.

Find out how we can help you with your projects today and see the innovations and digital solutions of tomorrow by visiting us at bauma 2019 in Munich, Germany. Highlight the date today:

08 - 14 April 2019

Munich Trade Fair Centre Open-Air Area North/West, Booth FN420

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Map, Doka expo stand for bauma 2019

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bauma and Doka: A review

For decades now, Doka has had its own booth at every bauma expo. Under changing boundary conditions, the bauma expo has become the world’s leading trade fair for construction, building materials, tunneling and mining machinery, construction vehicles and construction equipment. The looks of Doka’s expo booth have changed many times over the passing years.

Join us on a tour of Doka’s history at bauma.

    bauma 1963


    Doka exhibits for the very first time at the bauma expo. The bauma venue at this time is part of the former Oberwiesenfeld airport, which later became the site of Munich’s Olympic Park.

    bauma 1967


    The bauma expo relocates, and Doka’s stand moves with it. The new venue is Munich’s Theresienwiese, better known these days as the “Wiesn”.

    bauma 1969


    Doka decides to make bauma the focus of all its trade-fair activities in the German-speaking part of Europe. Doka’s stand at bauma is in one of the halls on the expo grounds.

    bauma 1980


    The exhibits get bigger and bigger – space inside the hall is limited. Doka erects a pavilion of its own in the outdoor area of the expo grounds.

    bauma 1989


    The formwork show captivates everyone who visits the Doka expo stand. Always a part of Doka’s bauma showing, it is a tradition with a new twist every time.

    bauma 2004


    Doka’s expo pavilion gleams in eye-catching yellow.

    bauma 2010


    Everywhere in the multi-level expo pavilion, visitors can experience Doka solutions close-up.

    bauma 2013


    The spacious entrance to the Doka Cube is an invitation to enter and explore.

    bauma 2016


    Customers and visitors were surprised by the new and unique exhibition concept awaiting them at the nearly 4,000 m² booth: Doka Campus.

The Doka Campus:
The place to meet and network

At bauma 2016, Doka didn’t just astonish with surprising new solutions. The expo stand itself had a totally new look. The Doka Cube – the pavilion of previous bauma expos – had been transformed into the 4,000 m² Doka Campus. An open-air exhibition area where visitors could remain was paired with exciting theme worlds – each tailored to certain Doka solutions. Product demonstrations and a show by the WorldSkills formwork champions turned a visit to the Doka Campus into a unique experience.

Doka Campus bauma 2016

Doka Campus 2016

These were the first impressions our visitors gained:

The WorldSkills champions at the Doka Campus 2016

The WorldSkills champions delighted visitors to the expo.

Moments, emotions and impressions – that was bauma 2016

Visitors, Doka Campus 2016
Visitors, Doka Campus 2016
Visitors, Doka Campus 2016
Visitors, Doka Campus 2016
Visitors, Doka Campus 2016
Visitors, Doka Campus 2016
Visitors, Doka Campus 2016
Visitors, Doka Campus 2016
Visitors, Doka Campus 2016
Visitors, Doka Campus 2016
Visitors, Doka Campus 2016
Visitors, Doka Campus 2016

Doka at bauma 2019

“As soon as one bauma is over, it’s time to get ready for the next” – many bauma exhibitors are very familiar with that saying. The countdown to bauma 2019 has started and the Doka team is full of anticipation. Once again, we will do our utmost to make your visit to Doka's expo stand an unforgettable experience. Here’s a little sneak peek of what will await you:

Doka’s contribution to boosting productivity in every aspect of formwork and in-situ concreting

Aiming high with Doka Engineering solutions

Forming in record time

The shorter the countdown becomes, the more we can reveal about Doka at bauma 2019. Don’t miss any of the revelations! Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

We look forward to sharing the bauma experience with you in the period 08 - 14 April 2019.