Encompassing Safety with Doka

28.04.2017 | News
Encompassing Safety with Doka

According to estimates by the International Labour Organization, the aggregate cost of work-related accidents and illnesses amounts to USD 3 trillion a year. The construction industry is one of the world's biggest employment sectors, so this figure translates into huge potential for cost savings from enhanced safety. This is why Doka is committed to working consistently on new solutions for more safety and cost-efficiency on construction sites.


How comparatively minor outlay can make a big impact is demonstrated by the two most recent developments from the Formwork Experts Doka: the add-ons for the Edge protection system XP and the Protection screen Xclimb 60.

Protection from all sides
Falls are a hazard involving major risk of injury. The Edge protection system XP from Doka provides a remedy and offers a universal safety solution for all edge-protection needs – as guardrail system on structure shells, for formwork, at stairways or as demarcation at the edges of structures. The compact system consists of two uprights that combine with protective gratings, wooden planks or scaffold tubes so that effective railings can be erected quickly and easily.

Now, for the first time, the XP system can also be used in pre-cast construction. Two new add-on products make it all possible. The Precast member adapter XP enables the edge protection system to be installed safely at ground level before the precast concrete member is lifted into position. Another big advantage is that with the Precast member adapter XP the railing tilts out at an angle of 15 degrees, allowing more space for concreting work. The second innovation is the Parapet bracket XP. Developed specifically for safety at parapets it also affords protection for all follow-up work. As well as offering fall protection, at the same time this bracket also serves as a stop-end for concrete slabs.

Both these add-on products are also ideal for cast-in-place concrete construction. By enhancing safety, they help boost productivity on site.

The safe way to great heights
Safety is immensely important when construction work has to be carried out at dizzy heights. For highrise projects in particular, the Protection screen Xclimb 60 provides all-round safety for the top levels of the structure, so it increases productivity on site. The full enclosure – clients have a choice of trapezoidal metal sheeting, mesh screens or polycarbonate sheeting – keeps the construction crew safe from falls, wind and adverse weather conditions. No crane lifts are necessary, because a mobile hydraulic system can climb the protection screen to the next section, even when the winds are blowing at high velocity.

In future, highrise builds will be even safer with the added protection of the material catch fan. Attached to the outside of the protection screen it prevents objects such as tools and small items from dropping. Doka developed this system add-on specifically for use on advancing steel skeleton structures. A crucial feature, because in this method of construction, work on the steel skeleton is carried out above the protection screen. This is the case on the Signature Tower build in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The catch fan was specially developed for the project and is deployed for the very first time on this build. A mega-project: standing 452 metres when finished in late 2018, the Signature Tower will be one of the 15 tallest buildings in the world. Project owner of the new highrise building is Indonesia's Mulia Group, which has planned the structure with 106 floors.

Safety from planning phase through to completion
Doka knows that safety has to start well before the site is opened. Doka takes a holistic approach that extends all the way from product development through safety consulting to an extensive range of safety products and services. Doka systems feature integral working platforms and edge protection solutions. Safety in the set-up phase is already taken into account in development. For correct and thus also safe handling of formwork systems, Doka provides operating instructions, trainings, plus the services of Doka formwork instructors who familiarise construction crews on site with the correct routines for handling and assembling the formwork.

Studies have proven that investments in safety always pay off. Every euro invested in occupational health and safety brings a return on prevention of EUR 2.2 to 2.5.

About Doka:
Doka is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing formwork technology for use in all fields of the construction sector. With more than 160 sales and logistics facilities in over 70 countries, the Doka Group has a highly efficient distribution network which ensures that equipment and technical support are provided swiftly and professionally. An enterprise forming part of the Umdasch Group, the Doka Group employs a worldwide workforce of more than 6,000.

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