The made-to-measure formwork for complex component geometries

With DokaShape, out-of-the-ordinary shapes can be formed easily and accurately.

Dependably fulfilling one-of-a-kind architectural requirements

with individually shaped formwork moulds 

  • precision forming of complex component geometries achieved by three-dimensional formwork moulds
  • uniform concrete faces with far less cracking and staining, thanks to the special coating of the formwork moulds
  • perfectly shaped joins assured by the exact edge contours of the formwork elements

Highly cost-efficient

thanks to its thoroughly complete solution 

  • simplifies site logistics with just-in-time deliveries
  • the pre-assembled formwork is erected on-site quickly and reliably by experienced Doka Formwork Instructors
  • fast forming up and stripping out are made possible by proactively planned sectioning of the formwork and by the comprehensive form-tie solution
  • less rework needed, owing to the premium surface quality
  • cost savings resulting from multiple repeat uses

Stripping out made easy: First the supporting construction is removed. Then the co-ordinated inside formwork elements can simply be detached from the casting.