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Better safe than sorry

04.16.2015 | News
As the International Labor Organization’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work approaches, formwork supplier Doka discusses its approach to accident prevention.


Greater cost efficiency, a reduced risk of accidents and enhanced employee motivation are just some of the advantages of implementing professional safety concepts on sites. When it comes to safety, Doka takes a holistic approach to its operations, running from its own product development strategy through to the safety consulting services it offers to its customers.

The firm offers a range of safety systems including protective working platforms, fall arrest systems, protection screens and access systems such as stair towers that are offered to customers commissioning its formwork and scaffold systems.

With formwork, Doka argues that safety begins right from product development, where ease of handling and ergonomic designs can help with accident prevention. The use of high-grade materials for all formwork components not only makes them last longer, it makes them safer too.

The use of complete systems for floors, walls or column formwork with ‘on-board’ features like ladderways and working platforms can also prevent accidents, and many sections can be pre-assembled at ground level, with easy-to-use connector components that allows formwork and platforms to be repositioned in one piece.

Doka also supports its customers with professional consulting at projects. It offers in-depth analysis of jobs, assessing which of its products are most suited to specific sites and advising on the most efficient use of formwork systems, preparing formwork utilization plans, instruction manuals and safety data sheets for clients. Services such as practical, relevant training offerings, formwork instructors and field technical advisers facilitate a high level of safety on sites from project commencement to completion.

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