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The safe mo­d­u­lar scaf­fold for Ac­cess sys­tems as well as forming and re­in­forc­ing works

DokaS­caff is the ide­al add-on for all Doka formwork sys­tems at your con­struc­tion site: With this rentable work­ing scaf­fold sys­tem, re­in­force­ment op­er­a­tions can be car­ried out safe­ly and quick­ly. It is al­so suit­able for use as a stair tow­er or a mo­bile scaf­fold tow­er.

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DokaAR App

Experience this system in AR

The DokaAR App America allows users to view Doka Formwork in Augmented Reality.

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All-round safe­ty
thanks to in­te­gral safe­ty de­tails

  • test­ed safe­ty through in­ter­na­tio­n­al ap­pro­vals and cer­tifi­cates: DIBT, AENOR, AFNOR, NASC, SP
  • se­cure erec­tion work­flow thanks to pre-defined con­nec­tion points on the rosette
  • test­ed an­chor­age points for per­so­n­al fall-ar­rest sys­tems (PFAS) en­hance safe­ty dur­ing sys­tem as­sem­b­ly

Can be used any­where
thanks to its mo­d­u­lar sys­tem

  • suit­able as re­in­forc­ing scaf­fold­ing, stair tow­er, ac­cess scaf­fold­ing and mo­bile scaf­fold tow­er
  • ver­ti­cal­ly adapt­able in a 50 cm height grid
  • adapt­able in terms of lay­out, by means of rosettes that each per­mit eight dif­fer­ent con­nect­ing di­rec­tions in one plane
  • legs, wal­ings, di­ag­o­n­als and deck­ing boards can be sys­te­m­at­i­cal­ly se­lect­ed to make pos­si­ble vari­ous dif­fer­ent scaf­fold heights, bay lengths and bay widths

Can quick­ly be readied for use
thanks to easy han­dling

  • bolt­less joint­ing tech­nique us­ing the wedge-lock­ing prin­ci­ple
  • the sys­tem is self-ex­pla­na­to­ry, which keeps fa­miliari­sa­tion times short
  • Can be re­po­si­tioned quick­ly by crane or guide roller
  • rigid, force-trans­mitt­ing joints with just one blow of the ham­mer

With its eight connection options, the rosette enables fast and flexible adjustment to different heights, widths and lengths.