Launch your career now at Doka

Work with added value. Opportunities and challenges, global activities and continuous learning rather than daily routine.

Career Paths

Experienced Professionals

Professionals We highly appreciate experience and professionalism and offer new perspectives and security in an internationally operating company.


Job starters

The beginning of one’s professional career after studies or training needs to be carefully considered. The best way is to start off in an interesting company with promising future prospects.


University students

Combining theory and practice, doing an internship, establishing contacts and doing research for your diploma thesis while still studying. This has a lot of potential.



With 11 different apprenticeships to choose from, you will certainly find the right one for you at Doka. About 80 apprentices join us every year. And they make their way – regionally and internationally.


Secondary school students

We make no distinction between boys and girls: whether you just want to check out our company or take up a summer internship with us, you will simply be ahead of the others. It’s fun and will be an asset for your future career.


Your application

Your application is always the first step. Once you have submitted it, it’s the companies’ turn to show how much they really value and care about their future employees. At Doka, we look at applications as a credit of trust we want to live up to. And that is how we treat our applicants.

Application Documents

  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae including photo
  • Current certificates and references
  • Letter of recommendation (if available)

What we offer

Global presence

With our countless branches and offices in more than 70 countries, we not only offer you interesting job opportunities, but also the chance to broaden your horizon time and again by meeting new people and foreign cultures.

Personalus ir profesinis tobulėjimas

Kadangi „Umdasch grupė“ save laiko nuolat tobulėjančia organizacija, kiekvieno darbuotojo tobulėjimas mums yra labai svarbus. Štai kodėl jūsų darbą vienoje iš mūsų įmonių visada lydi įgūdžių ir žinių augimas, o ne rutina ir sąstingis.

Norėdami padėti Jums tobulėti, mes siūlome platų mokymų paketą nuosekliam įgūdžių, kompetencijų tobulinimui, būtinų tarptautinei ir tvariai sėkmei nuolat besikeičiančiame darbo pasaulyje:

  • Asmeniniai įgūdžiai
  • Profesinė kvalifikacija ir nuolatinis tolesnis mokymas
  • Darbo stiliaus ir problemų sprendimo metodai
  • Įmonei ir vietai būdingi įgūdžiai

Enhancing your strengths

Our international High Potential programme turns skilled people into top achievers. It assists our best employees in reaching the leading positions. Worldwide.

Vital programme: vitality at work

Showing responsibility, motivation and commitment when it comes to nutrition, exercise and psyche – aspects that substantially influence health. Fit at Work by Umdasch Group helps you optimise the two action fields behaviour and circumstances while having fun and achieving measurable and noticeable results; it is an interaction of all positive forces of the management, one’s project group, on all management levels and of all employees.

What else we offer

We believe that your working for us should also positively affect the quality of the lives of you and your family. We think ahead to help you feel at home, offering:

  • support in finding housing
  • flexibility and support to further mobility
  • secondments abroad to enable an international career
  • discounts on meals abroad
  • training programmes
  • social benefits of a large and successful company