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Hi-Vis® is a scaffold management system, which provides your projects with real-time electronic scaffold requests and scaffold management processes to track all scaffolding resources, labor, and material deployed on the project.

different devices showing Hi-Vis® application

Hi-Vis® was designed to bring complete transparency to the role scaffolding plays in large industrial projects and maintenance contracts.


Designed to focus on planning and process controls to ensure all scaffold resources are deployed in the most effective manner to maximize productivity and utilization.


Developed to provide scaffold management tools and solutions for any size project. Clients have the flexibility to deploy the application modules independently or in one cohesive scaffold solution complete with data analytics and dashboard reporting.


Allows project management the visibility to better understand, manage, and control the scaffolding work process’ supporting the construction schedule and increasing cost predictability whilst mitigating project risk.

Construction Management & Execution

  • Cloud based scaffolding management software
  • Designed specifically for projects and a field environment
  • Designed for multiple interfaces and project stakeholders
  • Improves the accuracy of estimates with proper planning
  • Resource planning for required manpower
  • 30, 60 and 90 day look aheads for planned work
  • Tracks scaffolding inventory onsite
  • Supports creation of installation work packages
  • Productivity tracking
  • Data analytics
Icon Request Management

Request Management

Electronic scaffold requests for scaffolding Erection, Modification and Dismantling improves efficiency and transparency in the scaffold request process.

Icon Work Order Management

Work Order Management

All approved scaffold request are managed in work order management, enabling you to have full transparency on your scaffold backlog.

Icon Tag Management

Tag Management

Inspection and tagging of scaffolds are recorded to show a live view of all scaffolds on a project.

Icon labor management

Labor Management

The user can now have full transparency over scaffold hours on site, allowing contractors to be held accountable.

Icon Inventory Management

Inventory Management

The module allows complete transparency as to where every piece of equipment is located, whether it’s in the yard available for use, or whether the equipment is mobilized and erected.

Icon Data Analytics

Data Analytics

The module generates standard Dashboard reports including site wide overview, area overview, request status, materials status, productivity status and calendar overview.

Maximize productivity and utilization of your scaffold resources!

Download the Hi-Vis® Android or iOS app now!

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