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Understanding how to gain height faster.

Formwork solutions for your High Rise project

_Understanding your High Rise project as a partner

_Understanding the construction process truly and being knowledgeable about it is the prerequisite for being a partner to the building sector. We have this understanding from the initial planning stage through to completion of construction.

_Understanding such as this is based on 40 years experience in self-climbing technology and more than 1000 High Rise projects that were successfully realised worldwide. Construction of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the 1-km high Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia set to surpass it, are but two examples.

With this comprehensive know-how, we are well-qualified to be your high-performing and reliable partner in High Rise construction.


_Understanding requirements.

Sound advice begins immediately after the tender phase or a building. Because from this point on, it's all about cost efficiency and having a leg up on your own competitor. Which is why the our internationally experienced experts at Doka make a point of advising you very early, and very thoroughly.

Doka technicians work to put together the most suitable formwork solutions in combination with high-performing service packages, exactly tailored to each individual situation and to the requirements of the structure.

Regardless of how different and unique, one thing holds true for all High Rise projects: our commitment to the formwork solution has one common denominator — to design a construction process that is fast, safe and as good as it can be.

_Understanding how safety takes you to the top.

Our modular system-based 'construction kit' offers the right climbing technology solution for the entire range of High Rise projects. No matter whether they are crane-dependent or crane-independent, what they all have in common is this: highest safety standard combined with ease and speed of handling.

_Understanding how to take a load off you.

We are happy to support our customers in any phase of their formwork projects. Because we are a single-source for products, services, planning, project management and logistics. This takes a lot of pressure off your site engineers and foremen and lets you accurately calculate the costs of the forming operations. _Understanding of all aspects such as ours is rarely found.

Contact for large-scale projects

The international experience of Doka gives you pooled, concentrated knowledge for a successful project. Your contact person will help you find the best individual solution, to make your project's 'bottom line' a success, too. In short: expert specialised formwork planning with lasting benefits for your highrise construction project.