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Automatic climbing formwork Xclimb 60

The crane-independent climbing formwork for structures of uncomplicated shape and of any height

Automatic climbing formwork Xclimb 60 is a hydraulically climbed system that can also be quickly raised by crane if sufficient craneage is available. Because it is guided on the structure at all times, the system can still be climbed even in windy conditions.


on various building components 

  • modular system components allow it to be used as formwork for high-rise cores, piers and facades, or as a pro­tection screen
  • greater choice regarding construction sequences, as the system can be reset either by crane or by a portable hydraulic system
  • easy to adapt to different weather conditions, as it permits several different types of enclosure

High safety
in every phase of the work 

  • safe repositioning, even in windy conditions, as the system is linked to the structure at all times
  • integrated platforms, stair towers and ladders provide complete safety during working operations and for up-and-down access
  • speeds up the workflow, as the crew enjoy an enhanced feeling of safety at all heights

Outstanding cost-efficiency
for your site 

  • saves on craneage, as payloads can also be raised along with the platforms when these are 'climbed'
  • it does not take long to familiarise the crew with the repositioning procedure, as the hydraulic system is so easy to operate
  • the lightweight hydraulic cylinders and guiding-shoes mean that work requires less physical effort



Automatic climbing formwork Xclimb 60

The system is self-climbed up to the next casting section using portable hydraulic components. Finishing-work platforms can be attached anywhere on the scaffold.

Simply self-climbing

The lightweight, quick-mount hydraulic cylinders with the lifting mechanism make for dependable raising of the climbing scaffold, complete with the formwork. During the climbing phase, the system is firmly linked to the structure at all times, via its 'Guiding shoes'. This allows repositioning to continue even in high winds.

High workplace safety

Integrable ladderways and manholes provide safe access routes between the working platforms. When designing climbing formwork solutions, the Doka planning professionals integrate all safety accessories, tailoring them to the construction project in hand.


Easy to get right first time

The Xclimb 60 system is so user-friendly that after a brief familiarisation phase supervised by a Doka Formwork Instructor, the site crew will have mastered all the worksteps involved.

Pro­tection screen Xclimb 60

The all-round enclosure of the upper work decks allows all operations to be carried out protected from the weather and in great safety.