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Fair-faced concrete in its – visibly – finest form.

Concrete expression of individuality

A clear trend is 'surfacing' in the language of architecture, towards concepts that are as individual as they are unique. Buildings convey interesting forms of expression to both the inside and outside. Cast-in-place concrete creates extra leeway for architecture. Doka offers fair-faced concrete solutions that are exactly matched to each situation and to the requirements of each structure. Doka works with the client's planners to develop holistic solutions that address all issues, ranging from concrete technology and formwork engineering to installation and compaction. Architects need a wide degree of freedom regarding surface design elements such as increment-grids, joints and texture; Doka responds with proven, modular systems and project-specific formwork.

The Competence Center Fair-Faced Concrete has comprehensive know-how at its disposal to support you in planning and implementing fair-faced concrete projects. Our many years of experience taught us what matters and which factors of influence must be considered early on in the crucial planning phase in order to achieve the desired concrete surface.


Premium concrete surfaces

with the new Doka Xface sheet.

Xface sheet

With the Xface sheet Doka has broadened its comprehensive portfolio with an extra hard-wearing formwork sheet – with 'visible' added value for users.

The new Xface sheet makes it easier to cast the low-pore concrete faces required with fair-faced concrete because of its extraordinarily tough coating and large-area sheet formats. Its fibre-reinforced synthetic resin coating delivers premium concrete surfaces that are free of staining. What is more, the sheet's great resistance to scratching and vibrator damage ensures an exceedingly smooth and uniform concrete finish.

Xface sheet brochure

Great looking surfaces. The systematic Doka way.

A product & service spectrum that goes well below the surface.

With its modular formwork systems, Doka has the right solution for the entire spectrum of architectural requirements. Its offerings are so comprehensive because they can also score convincingly with arguments like these: high standard of safety, excellent cost-efficiency, and great ease of handling. At Doka, we not only think in terms of large surfaces, but also look hard at the details.

Concentrated fair-faced concrete know-how

Fair-faced concrete is in great demand: it offers architects and construction firms the leeway to realise even the most eccentric ideas and shapes. Fair-faced concrete projects are a premium segment. Achieving desired results requires not only high-quality products but also comprehensive know-how in terms of planning and implementation.