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Innovation in infrastructure

16.05.2022 | News
Doka’s industry-leading services for the construction industry span a wide range of applications, ranging from digital innovation to on-site instructors, and it is thanks to these services that clients are able to remain focused on the creation of world class infrastructure projects.


From large area formwork to column and facade systems, Doka’s solutions cover every element of the process, including innovative solutions such as our circular formwork H20, which allows for exact curves where the radius of the formwork can be scaled down to a minimum radius of just 3.50 meters, supporting fast and cost-effective work.

When it comes to slab work, Doka’s floor forms are adaptable and versatile enough to be used for both large, complex areas and smaller sites. From innovative beamless handset approaches, high-speed table forms and shifting devices for tables, each and every application makes use of Doka’s tried and tested props, beams, and components.

Where saving space on site and time is concerned, Doka’s modular climbing formworks such as Xclimb 60, Platform SCP and Automatic SKE plus have been used on some of the world’s most challenging high-rise projects and offer an incredible degree of flexibility.

In recent years, Doka has expanded its focus of expertise towards bridge and tunnel projects, where its high-load bearing systems offer flexibility and outstanding cost-efficiency while remaining squarely focused on safety. By offering the right solution for every situation, Doka’s high-capacity shoring systems for civil-engineering works, highly adaptable forming carriages for bridge-building and cost-saving tunnel formwork have successfully delivered some of the world’s most complex engineering infrastructure projects, most recently its ongoing work on the Sydney Metro.

As a key component of our civil engineering projects, our load-bearing systems have been designed for flexibility, safety and cost-efficiency such as our DokaCC tunnel system, which allows rectangular or round tunnel cross sections to be built quickly, with fewer materials across a range of foundation types.

By focusing on creating safer working environments, Doka’s solutions offer a wide range of benefits. From the innovative FreeFalcon, the mobile fall protection anchor, a system that allows for both safety and freedom of movement, to the versatile Stair Tower 250 and the Xclimb 60 protection screens, Doka’s systems keep construction crews safe regardless of location or environment.

As a primary focal point for the construction and industrial sectors of the future, Doka’s industry-leading digital solutions allow for increased productivity and precision across a wide range of applications.

From the company’s expertise in BIM and its associated tools, to the DFDS 9 formwork planning software, to the specialized DokaCAD planning program, the Easy Formwork Planner and the Doka Tools App, Doka now offers a suite of software to assist clients at every stage of the process including our Remote Instructor system, a real-time collaboration software solution using smart video-telephony to provide field support on any site for speedy resolution of problems whenever they arise.

Moving into physical hardware, DokaXact is the world’s first interactive sensor-based system that allows for accurate positioning of wall formwork elements, including high-rise cores. The system also enables fast and accurate plumbing and the alignment of the formwork for automatic climbing systems through its innovative digital sensors and systems.

With Concremote, we have revolutionised the way in which concrete is accurately calibrated by monitoring the temperature and strength of the material enabling deshuttering to occur at the earliest possible opportunity.

Thanks to a range of software solutions and mobile apps, Doka’s expertise is readily available to clients and the company’s range of digital solutions are always close to hand. From BIM solutions that allow companies to connect, plan 3D formwork designs and simulate the construction process, to Contakt, which allows for the scheduling of pending stages on a daily basis, to DFDS Formwork Planning that helps optimize formwork design and Doka AR which allows clients to tour a virtual representation of their site, Doka offers a comprehensive range of digital solutions that enhance every aspect of a project.

No matter the challenge, Doka’s broad range of infrastructure-focused solutions will continue to support the needs of our clients and the ever-evolving nature of today’s construction and industrial sectors.

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