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Signature Towers: an iconic endeavor of Doka

14.05.2013 | News
TATA Consultancy Services, the pioneer in the IT market of India, is all set to build an IT park (approximately $200 million budget) at Siruseri, Chennai. Under the flagship of Uruguayan architecture companies Carlos Ott Architects and Carlos Ponce de León Architects, and Larsen & Tourbo, this project is sure to become an iconic development in the IT paraphernalia of the country. DOKA is providing a safe, fast and efficient strategically well defined and easy to work self climbing formwork system which not only increases the efficiency with reduced cycle time but also provides horizontal working platforms on sloping wall.
Signature Tower can be said as one of the most creative, innovative yet challenging projects. It is because it is one-of-its-kind in the entire country and the project has sloping walls which are decreasing in width with height. This commercial project is consisting of 28 storeys and is 130 meter tall in height. Acquiring around 28.00 ha of land area the Techno Park is at a mere distance of 2 kilometer from the Indian Ocean. The park is estimated to host around 20, 000 workers on an average. Standing as one of the unique project, Signature Tower is all set to redefine the stereotypic definition of the IT sector of India. Signature Tower has a creatively unique architectural concept blending both business and lifestyle statements.

Competencies of DOKA

The formwork concept involved in this project was very unique and have been planned out with utmost precision. The biggest advantages in this regard were the highly experienced professionals and formwork instructors. Vertical shaft profile VSP SKE 50 was used in the interior of the shaft (the structure resembles English alphabet "E", with one wall stacked inside the other). It was really dangerous to work on sloping walls and the horizontal working platform of DOKA was too beneficial in this regard. It increased the efficiency and saved time. Due to heavy rebars, L&T was forced to introduce the SCC concrete, due to which DOKA experts designed Top 50 formwork to resist the pressure of 90kN/ sq.m which helped them in not only solving the problem of concreting at heavy pressure but also provided a good finish concrete.
The project was initiated during February 2012 and is scheduled to be completed within December 2013. After completion, this would be the very unique kind of project in South India; a master plan standing upright on the Southern location of the country.

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