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Suvilas Royal Gardenia: Doka’s groundbreaking concept in Indian construction landscape

14.05.2013 | News
Suvilas is spearheading the drive to offer luxurious residential apartments in India, which thoroughly embrace the European construction standards to the core. In this endeavor DOKA is adding to this strategic construction plan by providing Dokaflex 1-2-4 system with beam side support and Frami Xlife system.


Standing by its commitment to serve and cater to the needs of suave people looking to add an edge to their lifestyle, the homes will be handed over within 20 months from launch date, i.e. mid 2013. The mammoth project of 127 Crores will sprawl across 2 acres 5 guntas of company owned land. The project comprises of two blocks, each accommodating 36 residential units arranged in 9 floors. The apartments have floor area in the range of 2600-4000 sq. ft, and have 3 to 4 bedrooms. The burgeoning residential area of Jalahaali, Bangalore stands witness to the revolutionary leap in quality living and takes pride to host Suvilas’s signature project "Suvilas Royal Gardenia”.

Integrating Doka’s strength for expeditious construction

Doka’s proven track record of successfully delivering on critical construction projects has been capitalized for Suvilas’s ambitious plan. For Slab, Doka has provided its Dokaflex 1-2-4 system with beam side support. Dokaflex 1-2-4 comes with the pre-defined ‘1-2-4’ system-grid. This grid uses marks on the beams to show the maximum spacing between the props and beams, permitting ‘no-worry’ pouring of slabs up to a maximum thickness of 20 cm. The system makes forming-up a lot faster by cutting the time needed for measuring-up, and also a lot safer. Once the floor-slab formwork has been set up, the foreman can check it quickly and easily.

For Foundations, columns and walls, Doka has provided framed formwork Frami Xlife, which is easy to manhandle, yet sturdy enough for large-area forming, also with a low-load crane its wide range of different tying options shortens forming times. The need for any extra stiffening reinforcements is done away with through use of self-aligning panel connectors. These robust construction technologies are being used for first time on Indian soil.

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