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Fair faced concrete

18.03.2014 | News
D.Y Patil Management building is a management institute coming up in New Mumbai which has been designed by the world-renowned architect with a fairfaced concrete concept.


  • Large area formwork Top 50 is flexible enough to take any shape and is strong
<br />
enough to cast up to 12m heights
For the 10 storey institute building, Doka delivered high-performing formwork solutions and provided dependable support to the construction operations with a package of services.

Path breaking solution

The ten floor institute building has been designed with fair-faced concrete concept having constraints of predefined surface patterns and in endeavor to achieve the same, D.Y. Patil relied on the wealth of
Doka experience in projects with fair-faced finish Large-area formwork Top 50 with Dokaplex plywood
was a right choice for casting varying heights of columns, lift-core walls & retaining walls while maintaining
right pattern not only in terms of plywood but also in tie-rod holes. Moreover, in order to remove the impressions of screws used to fix the plywood to the top50 frame special screw bracket were introduced
so that plywood can be connected from the back leaving no impressions on the concrete face. Moreover, Doka-OptiX, a specially designed release agent was sprayed on the formwork sheets to realize bright and low pore concrete surface. To cast the varying depth of slabs at height greater than 5 m, Doka proposed fielding the high-performance Loadbearing tower Staxo 40 system. It’s extremely sturdy steel frames, in three different heights, are easy to erect safely and provides better support.

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