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Doka India's Inauguration Ceremony

15.12.2019 | India
Doka India officially inaugurated its new office and onboards its official channel partners in Nepal and Sri Lanka.

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  • Expanding beyond boundaries
  • Expanding beyond boundaries
  • New office in India
  • New office in india
  • Doka India's Inauguration Ceremony
  • Doka India’s Inauguration Ceremony
The opening of this new office is a part of the company's expansion to increase its presence in key growth markets and enhance Doka brand in India. East Asia Pacific region is one of the fastest-growing region and India being the major emerging market in this region has a special focus.

Starting office operations to this new premise aims to assist the company in realising its vision of being high performing and inspiring team as well as having a nice workplace for Doka India. This will eventually contribute to improving the standards of work quality and environment for the employees.

The occasion became memorable with the official unveiling of the Doka logo by the management team from Austria, EAP region and India. To imbibe the Indian culture and have a great beginning, the traditional Indian lamp lighting ceremony took place followed with the keynote addresses by the guests for a dialogue with the employees was completed.

The facility has been carefully designed to give a sneak peek of Doka products and service offerings. Also, it will empower employees with better infrastructure and a more professional work environment that will contribute to enhancing their productivity and effectiveness. The new office is an important footstep towards "making Doka India a pleasurable place to work".

Expanding beyond boundaries

Doka India has joined hands with M/S SLJ Holdings Pvt. Ltd.- Sri Lanka and M/s. Nepal Construction & Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd. – Kathmandu, Nepal, as its official channel partners. This strategic partnership represents a new opportunity for Doka India to succeed and have enhanced penetration in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

The agreement involves the distribution of the wide range of Doka products. Thus shall ensure smooth availability of Doka products, solutions and technical support in Nepal and Sri Lanka, to address the upcoming industry needs. Alongside, it contributes to the formation of a robust foundation, of a high-performing distribution network, that will support Doka to cater better within the East Asia Pacific region.

Doka's top priority when working in any market is to understand the demand and deliver suitable, cost effective solutions that make construction sites safer, while ensuring projects are delivered on time. With M/S NCEC Pvt. Ltd., Nepal carries over more than 60 years of a sustainable partnership with its client base and has been a reliable service-oriented partner for various construction solution in the Nepal Market. M/S SLJ Holding Pvt. Ltd., Sri Lanka brings rich expertise of serving customers group over more than a decade. They are the specialist to serve the growing needs of the building and construction industry in their country and now will be sharing great value with their customers by introducing Doka products.

This partnership represents a sustainable framework to cater to the increasing demands for suitable formwork, solutions and services in all areas of construction. With this association, the company will be contributing towards the development of a region that includes some of the growing economies in the world.

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