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Reaching for the sky

13.05.2012 | News
With nowhere to grow but ‘up’, densely populated South Mumbai is increasingly studded with skyscrapers. One of them is the Sky Tower, currently being built by renowned contractor Indiabulls. Doka India has supplied an Automatic climbing platform SCP for the central core walls and shear walls.


Situated in a world-class financial district, the Sky project is a branded luxury residential development on approximately 20 acres of prime real-estate in downtown Mumbai. The approximately 750,000 m² project is master-planned to creatively integrate the existing office development with luxury residential towers, making them some of the most iconic and visually arresting structures in the city.

The Sky Tower is 257 m tall, with 2 basement levels, 11 parking floors, 2 clubs, 2 transfer floors and 41 residential/refuge/service floors. The main structural form consists of a reinforced-concrete peripheral frame and shear walls with central core walls. The tower is being built with two transfer floors due to the different layouts of the parking and residential floors. Outrigger beams and walls have been provided at refuge levels, to connect the outer frame and central core and improve the lateral stiffness. The core and staircase walls are 600 mm thick. The core walls are typically linked by a series of six 900 - 1300 mm deep RC link-beams. The link-beam width typically matches the thickness of the adjacent core wall. The dense, heavy reinforcement does not allow the use of normal concrete, hence the use of self-compacting concrete (SCC) here.

Space constraints overcome Neighbouring residential towers and functioning office premises pose constraints on the working hours, logistics and scheduling of construction activities. Moreover, the space constraints and the need to ensure safety at great heights were also major issues. Doka India therefore proposed fielding the Self-climbing platform SCP to reduce the construction time by taking the core-construction out of the critical path. Based on the core geometry and predetermined construction sequence, the compact platform achieves a weekly cycle per floor and provides sufficient space to stack material on the platform. Indiabulls also benefits from the assurance and reliability, maximum safety, time-efficiency of fast assembly, and full round-the-clock technical support from engineering staff. The formwork inside the platform comprises 480 m² of Framax Xlife panels, which stand out for their high number of re-use cycles and the smooth concrete surfaces they deliver.

The site crew is very enthusiastic about the safe SCP platform, which makes life much easier for them by eliminating the fear of heights and protecting both people and objects from any risk of falls. With the platform, the complete core zone climbs ahead of the following storey floors. ‘De-linking’ the various structure components in this way speeds up work and improves productivity.

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