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Dokaflex 1-2-4

The fast, versatile hand-set system

Dokaflex 1-2-4 is the fast, versatile floor-slab formwork for any desired layout. The quantities are computed very simply, using the slide-rule, with no need for formwork planning. Meeting individual requirements regarding the concrete finish is no problem, as any type of form-facing can be chosen.


Adaptability to all layouts
by telescoping the formwork beams 

  • downstand beams and floor extensions can easily be solved 'within the system'
  • perfect adaptability to columns and walls
  • optimising for different slab thickness
  • suitable for shoring filigree slabs

Safe and fast to set up
thanks to pre-defined system grid 

  • search-times are minimised by having only two different lengths of beam
  • the markings on the beams make the system quick to set up and check

Durable and practical
thanks to its sturdy system components 

  • high numbers of re-use cycles and reduced close-out costs, due to the shock absorbers and protectors on the system components
  • site logistics are simplified by the perfectly co-ordinated system components
  • first-rate concrete surfaces, as any type of form-facing can be selected



Beam H20 top

Up to 3 times the lifespan, thanks to built-in shock absorber

  • effective protection against moisture and UV radiation, as beam-ends are sealed around web
  • fast, safe formwork set-up by referring to markings on the flanges
  • unmistakably identifiable, thanks to labelling option

ProFrame panel

The rentable panel with an all-round shock absorber

  • cuts costs with option to either purchase or rent
  • achieves high number of re-use cycles, with its all-round edge protection and special surface sealing
  • unmistakably identifiable, thanks to labelling option

Floor prop Eurex top

The first-ever floor prop with an impact protector

  • long-lived, due to impact protector
  • easy-to-turn adjusting nut, thanks to special thread geometry
  • less physical effort needed, thanks to the prop's low weight
  • operational safety achieved by consistently high load capacity of at least 20 (30) kN in accordance with EN 1065 - Class D/E


Here's how easily the system works

1-2-4 – these are the maximum spacings for setting-up Dokaflex 1-2-4. Triangular marks on the beams serve as a built-in 'measuring tape'

  • 1 mark = maximum spacing of secondary beams
  • 2 marks = maximum spacing of props
  • 4 marks = maximum spacing of primary beams

Doka floor end-shutter clamp

This quick and easy system solution for stop-ends provides greater safety at the edges of floor-slabs, and high flexibility, with a choice of different attachment methods, types of stop-end and ways of safeguarding slab edges.

A clean solution for downstand beams

The Beam forming support 20 lets you quickly and accurately adjust the formwork for downstand beams, right down to the last millimetre. To do this, the Beam forming support is simply placed onto the secondary beams and tightened. This automatically pulls the side-formwork tight, for clean concrete faces.