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Bridge formwork ParaTop

The ground-support-free cantilever arm formwork for steel-composite and pre-cast concrete bridges

Doka bridge formwork ParaTop turns Large-area formwork Top 50 into a cantilever arm formwork that can be operated completely from above. The system's innovative insert-shoe makes it easy to erect, and compensates for any installation inaccuracy.



thanks to modular system concept 

  • can be fixed to either concrete or steel superstructures (2 separate types of insert-shoe)
  • can easily be adapted to different cross-sections of cantilever slab with components from the modular Top 50 'kit'
  • does not collide with stiffening plates and is independent of shear-connector centres, as any bracket spacing can be selected within the permitted influence width

Less equipment and erection-work needed

as all work is carried out from the superstructure 

  • there are no platforms or scaffolds beneath the superstructure, and formwork set-up & alignment, reinforcing, pouring and striking are all done only from above
  • the large influence widths of the brackets mean there are fewer bracket planes
  • formwork removal is made easy by the hard chrome-plated insert-cones, with no need for mounting-sleeves

Fast construction progress

assured by optimised system design 

  • the assembly sequence is easy to understand, with only three ParaTop system components (insert-shoe, insert-channel, insert-cone)
  • erection and dismantling times are shortened by using bolted instead of threaded joints
  • 'mount-ahead' facility for insert-shoes
  • hanging the cantilever arm formwork into place does not take much crane-time – there is no need to laboriously thread in tie-rods, as the insert-shoes are open at the front

This versatile cantilever arm formwork is attached to the bridge superstructure by means of re-useable diagonal anchors.

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