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Forming wagon TU

The underslung bridge edge beam formwork for fast forming of cantilevered parapets

With the innovative Forming wagon TU, cantilevered parapets can be cost-efficiently cast without disrupting traffic or other construction operations.


Highly cost-efficient
thanks to its ingenious all-in-one solution 

Streamlined forming operations aided by

  • rentable all-in-one system with pre-assembled working platforms and parallel girderframe units / forming elements
  • easy rebar and concrete placement operations from above
  • underslung constructional design
  • minimal disruption to traffic (e.g. during bridge rehabilitation) or to other construction operations when casting cantilevered parapets

Fast assignment times
in a controlled sequence 

Higher efficiency and swift construction progress, as

  • the pre-assembled system units are very quick and easy to set up
  • the horizontal and vertical formwork are removed simultaneously, with a swivel/tilt motion
  • spindle struts are used for easy and accurate formwork set-up

A safe, sure way to work better
in all phases of the forming assignment 

Site crew are given maximum pro­tection, by

  • high standards of both active and passive safety
  • pre-mounted working platforms ready for immediate use
  • all-round scaffolding tubes for rugged side pro­tection
  • a built-in gravity brake which prevents any unwanted travelling of the forming wagon

Pre-assembled reinforcing cages can simply be hoisted into place from above.



Main areas of use

  • medium to long bridge superstructures
  • medium to high numbers of re-use cycles
  • 'section-at-a-time' travelling
  • rehabilitation of existing bridge superstructures
  • cantilevered parapets with wide sidewalk spaces
  • curve radii of 250 m and above

High standard of safety

  • all-round, three-part side railings
  • completely gapless platform decking
  • separate working and erection platforms
  • built-in gravity brake secures the forming wagon against accidental travelling

Flexibly adjustable

Thanks to the modular design concept of the load-bearing construction, and to the use of formwork elements assembled from Top 50 system components, just about any cross-section of cantilevered parapet can be accommodated.

Gravity brake

  • automatically activated by gravity

Easy to operate

  • high flexibility in terms of possible formwork configurations
  • high degree of pre-assembly
  • any type of suspension point can be used