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Heavy-duty supporting system SL-1

The heavy-duty 'construction kit' for tunnel-building

The modularly designed Doka heavy-duty supporting system SL-1 provides complete formwork solutions for widely differing tunnel cross-sections, regardless of shape and load.


Highly cost-efficient

as it is superbly adaptable 

  • minimises investment costs because many of the system components are rentable
  • the system beams, walings and struts can be arranged in variable configurations, enabling optimum use to be made of each item of equipment
  • flexible in terms of construction workflow, as it is compatible with Large-area formwork Top 50
  • is exactly planned by Doka Formwork Experts to ensure streamlined forming

Fast construction progress

achieved by optimised overall concept 

  • short set-up times, thanks to pre-assembled formwork and HD supporting-unit components
  • fewer form-tie points, as Multi-purpose walings SL-1 WU 16 and Form-ties 20 are used
  • short repositioning times, achieved by the all-hydraulic formwork solutions
  • easier working conditions, thanks to the wide spacing between the parallel girderframe units, and the heavy-duty telescopic screw-jack system

Exceptionally high workplace safety

thanks to the built-in safety systems 

  • safe work locations assured by integrated working platforms and ladderways
  • detailed assembly and utilisation planning makes for executional reliability
  • safe travelling even on steep longitudinal and transverse gradients
  • reliability assured by tried-and-tested, pre-dimensioned system design
  • safe placing of reinforcement steel, from the Working scaffold Modul


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