Al Adan Hospital

Mubarak Al-Kabeer, Kuwait

Doka Kuwait is participating in the construction of one of the largest and most modern hospitals in the Middle East. The Al Adan Hospital in the Mubarak Al-Kabeer region was originally built in 1981 to cater to the need for medical care of an estimat-ed 600,000 inhabitants in the Al Ahmadi region. In 2016 the facility was granted an additional 20,000 m² of land, on which an extension with 632 beds is currently being built. In addition, sufficient space will be created across 14 floors and a total of 280,000 m² for a number of care facilities including general sur-gery, a day unit, a gynaecological and paediatric clinic, rooms for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, and administrative areas.

One of the principal achievements of Doka Kuwait was the simultaneous construction of 25 load-bearing walls for the gynaecological and paediatric clinic. This was necessary to keep to the project schedule.

Climbing formwork 150F was one of the items of equipment used for the project, in order to reduce the length of time that the cranes were necessary on the site.

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