Holte, Denmark

Züblin A/S is in the process of constructing a three-storey extension for a private developer on a beautifully situated plot near a forest and lake in Holte. The extension is 750 m² and will be joined together with the existing villa. The project was started in November 2018 and was completed in November 2019.

The extension consists of a basement to exhibit the developer's cars as well as a function room and technical room. The ground floor contains a spa bath, fitness area and access to the existing buildings, and on a fitted deck between the living room and the first floor there is a "man-cave".

The construction consists mainly of casting concrete with high demands on the surface, and the architectural expression is unparalleled due to its beautiful, curved concrete forms.

The very strict requirements for the wall surfaces and the challenges led Züblin A/S to choose Doka's Ready to Use (R2U) molds. The molds are 3D modelled and built in Austria and transported to Denmark, and the project has employed up to 11 formwork technicians during the period.

In terms of surface requirements, the award-winning Xface veneer, which provides a silky surface, was chosen. And additonal requirements that the developer did not want to fix the anchor holes in the wall, was solved with a combination of support arches and SL1 steel profiles that could absorb the casting pressure without deflections and satisfactory casting solutions. The rounded corners, along with rounded wall-to-ceiling transitions, were resolved with specially adapted CNC cut rails. DokaFlex and Staxo 100 are used for the different deck solutions, and again with Xface veneer to achieve the same uniform appearance of the concrete.

A very exciting project where both Doka and Züblin's competences have been challenged by a developer with a clear picture of his unique finished building. And this has only been possible through a very close collaboration with Züblin, Doka Denmark and Ready to Use in Austria.

This project is one of a number of challenging projects with high requirements for formwork and finished surfaces, such as the Trekroner Church and the Sydhavn Recycling Centre. And in the extension of the Nesseskoven we have just started on a hanger and terminal building in Billund with similar tough surface requirements and again Ready to Use molds from Austria.

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Number of R2U molds in total:
20 3D modelled molds
78 2D designed molds
Total technical hours:
2,290 hours
Number of m² R2U molds in total:
390 m²