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Easy formwork planning and ordering on the site including 3D visualisation, independent from external planning capacities. Foremen can now create their own professional formwork plans on site using the Easy Formwork Planner. With a PDF of an execution plan, defined cycles and components can easily be traced with a finger on your tablet or smartphone. An automated formwork planning system is running simultaneously in the background. This way the foreman can quickly respond to changes on the site without having to involve remote engineers. The option of generating a piece list and comparing it to the inventory in myDoka is integrated as well. Additional materials needed can be purchased directly from the online shop.

  • Mobile creation of formwork plans
  • 3D visualizations of formwork come in handy for explanations your foremen give to the team
  • Calculating the formwork materials needed
  • Allows construction teams to respond quickly to short notice changes
  • Makes your crew independent of engineers sitting somewhere far from the construction site

Use cases

The customer wants to move a wall. With the EFP it takes just minutes to plan the formwork needed on a mobile device and visualise it in 3D.

There is no professional formwork planning for a project (frequently for small to medium-sized projects) and a piece list is needed.

Not every construction site enjoys the luxury of having adequately trained personnel present at all times. Using the EFP allows for visualising the respective formwork solution in 3D in very basic steps and therefore having them understood by the construction workers.

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