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Ultralight handset forming

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DokaXlight leichte Handschalung Aluschalung

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On new builds and sites surrounded by other structures – at 22.6 kg per main panel (0.75 x 1.50 m), the robust DokaXlight formwork is cost-saving and easy to use for CIP concrete structures of any type or size. One person can safely handle this formwork with no crane lifts required, so work can proceed faster and resources are used more productively. The maximum concrete pressures are 50 kN/m2 for wall formwork and 75 kN/m² for column formwork, making this hand-set system great for high pouring rates.


Your advantages with DokaXlight

Light and ergonomic

  • effortless forming because of low weights
  • easy and safe handling with the integral, ergonomically shaped grips and profiles
  • low-noise operations with the DokaXlight I-Connector (optionally available)


  • robust aluminum frame providing all-round protection for the formwork sheet
  • the durable Xlife sheet gives a high cycle re-use
  • easy cleaning of the frame because of high-quality powder coating
  • Xlife sheet is easy to replace and the aluminum frame is easy to recondition

Cost-saving and time-saving

  • lightweight panels and accessories ensure fast progress during the build
  • craneless operations or reduced crane time
  • stepless arrangement of the panels at formwork offsets
  • the DokaXlight I-Connector (optionally available) reduces time spent unnecessarily searching, carrying and fetching


  • easy adaptation to the structure and universal possibilities on small and large-scale projects
  • practical widths grid and three panel heights
  • all panels combinable upright and on their side
  • DokaXlight universal panels for forming right-angle outside corners, stop-ends and column formwork

What customers say about DokaXlight

We asked customers to share with us their experience with the new DokaXlight System

Mr. Ralf Mang

Ralf Mang, Foreman, Spiluttini Bau GmbH

“DokaXlight hand-set formwork weighs only 22.6 kg per main panel, so my people find it easy to handle. There’s less effort involved, everything gets done faster and at less cost in many areas of application.”

Mr. Patrick Brenton

Patrick Breton, Foreman, Martineau Coffrage

„The DokaXlight is the best handset system giving the best finish I have seen in 15 years! Being very light, our carpenters love to work with this system and they take care of it seeing the quality and the result.“

Mr. Evan Trickey

Evan Trickey, Les Fondations Jono

“ Doka Xlight, we used it, we loved it and we are going to buy more of it!”

Mr. Maxime Roger

Maxime Roger, Les Entreprises Michel Roger et Fils.

“We have used Doka Xlight in Quebec to cast the walls for two water tanks, the quality was exceptional, for levelling the walls with a high speed of execution. I can also add that our crew on the jobsite loved using this system. The panels are very light, it is even lighter than a Duraform Panel. There are much less tie rods and very few connecting parts, the system is super and very well designed, the panel dimensions and the logical grid are smartly designed, we can flip the panels and use either vertically or horizontally. So in terms of productivity and safety, no risk of injuries or back pains, the crew loves the system. These are all positive points we can notice using Doka Xlight. I highly recommend you to use it because it’s a very high quality product. The quality is highly required on construction jobsites more and more and requested by the architects in Quebec. Try Doka Xlight!”

Mr. Alexander Knop

Alexander Knop, Managing Director, KnopBau GmbH

"We decided to buy DokaXlight last year. The very first time we deployed the new formwork on site we used the Supporting construction frame AL to form a one-sided concrete wall against an existing structure and we were delighted that forming was so effortless and fast, and we formed everything without needing a crane. There’s a second benefit to using these triangular construction frames: they fold up, and that helps minimise storage and transport costs. For us as builders that translates into cost savings.

To cut a long story short: DokaXlight and Supporting construction frame AL are what I call a great double act."

DokaXlight hand-set formwork: one-sided operation is a big help

Building work on existing structures involves special challenges. Whenever space is restricted and access to the site is poor, the flexibility and handiness of the formwork material are crucial for getting the job done on time.

This is where DokaXlight handset formwork really comes into its own, because one person can handle forming operations quickly and effortlessly even in awkward places, and there is no need for a crane.

The ultra-lightweight Supporting construction frame AL is ideal in situations that require one-sided operation of the formwork.

Light and light work well together: Doka Xlight and Supporting construction frame AL

    Building extensions and additions often means working without a crane on site. In many cases, moreover, the formwork has to be operated from one side.

    The extremely light Supporting construction frame AL is an efficient solution, because it makes erecting wall formwork quick and easy.

    Where the DokaXlight panels cannot be tied through the concrete, the Supporting construction frame AL reliably transfers the concrete forces into the subbase through diagonal anchors.

More info about the Supporting construction frame AL

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