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Doka GmbH

Josef Umdasch Platz 1
3300 Amstetten, Austria
Tel. +43 7472 605-0
Fax +43 7472 64430

Business Register Court: Landesgericht St. Pölten
Business Register n°: FN 105743f
VAT ID n°: ATU 36871104

Supervising authority

Bezirkshauptmannschaft Amstetten

Managing directors
  • Mr. Harald Ziebula
  • Mr. Gerd Pechura
  • Mr. Dr. Hubert Mattersdorfer
Membership with chambers of commerce

Doka GmbH is a member of the Lower Austria Economic Chamber.

Applicable legal provisions
Object of the company

The object of Doka GmbH and its subsidiaries is the production and sale or rental of formwork systems and sheets, commercial fixtures and fittings of all kinds.

Limitation of liability

The information on this website is for general information purposes only. All information on this website is provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. While Doka has exercised the greatest possible care to author and maintain all the contents and information provided on this website, Doka cannot guarantee the completeness, timeless and/or accuracy of the information due to the changeable nature of laws, rules, regulations and information from time to time. Thus, Doka GmbH accepts no liability and in no event shall Doka and/or its agents or representatives be liable for any indirect, punitive, special, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to, damages resulting from (the use of) any of the contents of this website to which links are included on this website. The users shall use this website at their own risk. Further Doka GmbH does not undertake to make the contents of its website available and free of charge at all times and stresses that the mere act of visiting or using the website does not establish any contractual relationship between the user and Doka howsoever.

Exclusion of responsibility for external / third party links

Doka GmbH's website provides certain external / third party links to other websites. Those external / third party links and/or electronic cross-references which connect to third-party's websites are not controlled, made or maintained by Doka GmbH. Therefore, Doka GmbH shall not be responsible for any content matter thereof, and such liabilities shall always rest with the domain owner/operator/administrator of the respective website.

Intellectual property

Unless otherwise stated, the intellectual property for all the documents provided on websites by Doka GmbH, and for the materials used therein, rests solely with Doka GmbH. The downloading, printing and saving of files from this website is permitted for private use only; any other use requires the express consent of Doka GmbH.

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