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High-quality for cost-efficient housing

04.03.2022 | Philippines
In support of providing high-quality housing, Doka Philippines has been a key component of the Bagumbong Residences, where phase one is well underway.


Located on the northern periphery of the Philippine capital of Manila, the suburb of Bagumbong is in the process of being developed to provide cost efficient, high-quality housing thanks to the National Housing Authority’s government-led initiative that will eventually spread across the country. Having started in September 2020, phase one of the Bagumbong Residences is now nearing completion under main contractor Rotaflex Construction and Development Corporation, where the eight, five-storey, low rise residential buildings are beginning to take shape.

Speaking on behalf of Doka Philippines, Formwork Instructor Donato Batle commented, “Through our use of Dokaflex for the beams and slab, and Framini for the columns, we’ve made fast progress. By sticking to the schedule, we supplied four buildings with 28 sets of columns and 8 sets of slab shoring [VED2] with a target of pouring seven days per slab. Thanks to this approach, the structural work for each building took just two and a half months each.”

In utilizing both a mobile and tower crane for concrete pouring and lifting respectively, site teams were further kept to a minimum thanks to the solutions provided by the Doka team.

Speaking on behalf of the main contractor, Eng. Andrew Moral commented, “Thanks to Doka’s easy-to-handle, light-weight products, we only required thirty workers per building, making the project far easier to manage than first anticipated. In addition, Doka’s formwork systems are very flexible in terms of application, something that greatly contributed towards us achieving a seven-day cycle. Its formwork instructors and detailed engineering drawings prior to deliveries also meant that teaching and accommodating new workers on how to use the systems was a lot easier.”

With the success of phase one almost complete, Doka Philippines looks forward to continuing its support of this highly worthwhile initiative and working with the Rotaflex team on similar projects in the future.

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