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Indonesia on the Rise

27.10.2023 | Press
Since opening its main office in Jakarta and branch office in Batam just over a year ago, we examine Doka’s expansion into Southeast Asia’s largest country and why it is already paying dividend.

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With many of the world’s developed nations continuing to grapple with a cost-of-living crisis, and slow economic growth, several emerging economies are utilising their strengths to raise standards of living, while developing infrastructure that will catalyze their communities for a brighter future. With its sights set on becoming the fourth largest economy in the world by 2050, Indonesia has already shown its ability to take advantage of its size, working-age population and natural resources to yield an impressive run of consistent growth. According to Trading Economics, the Asian giant enjoyed 5.17 per cent y-o-y growth in Q2 2023, ahead of market forecasts, primarily thanks to consistent government spending, which has continued over nine consecutive periods.

Amongst its key business areas, construction has shown itself not only to be pivotal in supporting employment, but also developing national infrastructure, most notably the establishment of the country’s new capital city, Nusantara, which is scheduled to be fully complete by 2045. Spurred on by a “sinking and overcrowded Jakarta”, the Borneo-based capital was recently allocated $2.7 billion (Reuters, 2023) with which it aims to open a presidential office and a dozen apartment blocks for workers by next year. Not only is Nusantara the embodiment of Indonesia’s metamorphosis into a world-leading economy; it is also the perfect metaphor for the country’s changing attitude towards how it understands quality.

While Doka has been present in Asia for several decades, the majority of projects were located in the developed markets of Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia where higher standards of safety and protocol meant a clear understanding of how Doka’s products and systems could benefit projects as a whole.

By leading with a stance of education, Doka Indonesia has succeeded in explaining the functionality and practicality of its services, and why it is not only better for project outcomes, but also in ensuring the safety of site teams. As a result, Doka’s national target market is now focused on energy, high-rise and infrastructure, with current specific projects including a three-tower apartment project in Tangerang, facility buildings for smelter projects in West Nusa Tenngara and a project in Kalimantan. Doka’s new 2,000m2 warehouse in Tangerang has extended its strengths of agility and flexibility for its customers, and in support of demand will be expanding its team from three to eleven by the end of the year.

With top selling products including Framini, DokaFlex, Xclimb and Ringlock scaffolding, there’s no doubt that Indonesia’s highly ambitious plans to transform itself into a G7 nation will mean a continued focus on pushing innovation and creating a world-beating infrastructure system. In this, it has found a reliable, long-term partner in Doka.

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