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Dam formwork

Crane-lifted climbing formwork for one-sided applications

Dam formwork is used for forming one-sided construction projects, such as dams, barrages, river power stations or pylons without formwork ties. The climbing tower will transfer all pouring loads into the previous pouring section. Different system variants D12, D15, D22 and D35 facilitate economic adaptation to various project-specific block dimensions.

Rapid construction progress

due to optimised operating cycles 

  • Efficient forming from the start by using the same formwork for starting blocks and regular cycles
  • Shorter periods of crane commitment due to rapid lifting of climbing tower and formwork as one unit
  • Quick and precise formwork installation in every direction due to easy adjustment options

Project-specific solutions

due to different system variants 

  • Economic standard solutions for block heights up to 5.00 m due to statically optimised climbing towers
  • Choice of formwork due to random combinations with framed, wall or steel framework
  • Ideal for use in reinforced structures as a result of design variants with formwork that can be rolled back
  • Suitable for altering wall inclinations in the course of construction due to adaptable climbing tower and limitless options for formwork

Safe working conditions

in all stages of the job 

  • Secure attachment to structure due to heavy duty suspension points
  • Safe working conditions resulting from closed and generously dimensioned working platforms up to 2.80 m wide
  • Safe climbing and descending between platforms due to ladder system that can be integrated

A selection of different system options D12, D15, D22 and D35 renders Doka Dam formwork an economic standard solution for block heights up to 5.00 m.