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Formwork accessories

Forming clamp 10-90cm – the rugged foundation clamp for everyday jobsite use

With its optimised ratio between weight and statical attributes, the Forming clamp 10-90cm is the ideal companion for all forming operations on strip footings, drop beams and garden walls.

Fast, efficient forming up and stripping out

as it so user-friendly and easy to handle 

  • low weight
  • handy dimensions
  • firmly fixable inter-leg spacing
  • captively integrated clamping leg

Excellent dimensional stability during pouring

achieved by strong, dimensionally stable steel sections 

  • for strip footings, drop beams and garden walls
  • for widths from 10 to 90 cm
  • for pour-heights of up to 60 cm

Saves time, saves on equipment

thanks to its indestructible, site-ready build 

  • galvanised surfaces
  • wide inter-clamp spacing of up to 130 cm
  • unloseable wedges
  • easy removal of concrete spatter
  • continuous fine adjustment with vibration-proof 2-wedge system

Für zuverlässigen Einsatz sowohl mit Rahmenschalung als auch mit Schalungsplatten

Schalzwinge - Seitenschalungen

Vielseitig kombinierbar mit unterschiedlichsten Seitenschalungen

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