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Formwork accessories

Sealings for fair-faced concrete – for perfect concrete surfaces down to the last detail

Reliably casting concrete surfaces in the desired fair-faced concrete category is quite a challenge, every time. Doka has the right formwork equipment for all building-work where the surface of the concrete is intended to be a visual element. For perfect outcomes, even on details such as form-tie points and joins, Doka can offer a large number of different accessories for fair-faced concrete.


Reliably accomplishing higher-specification concrete finishes

with ingenious, well-tried accessories 

  • top-quality seals, for clean overall concrete appearance
  • tolerance compensation helps to achieve precision edges, joints, tie-hole patterns and casting-cycle junctions
  • improved execution quality means less finishing work is needed
Startpaket für Sichtbeton

Startpaket für Sichtbeton

Startpaket mit Mustern erhältlich in Ihrer Doka-Niederlassung.

Sichtbeton-Kompetenz bei Doka
Kante Sichtbeton

Mit den richtigen Zubehörteilen für Sichtbeton von Doka sind auch scharfe Kanten, saubere Fugen und ansprechende Ankerstellen zielsicher herstellbar.

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