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Plumbing accessories

The tried-and-tested struts for plumbing and securing Doka formwork systems

Doka panel struts and plumbing struts windproof the formwork and make it easier to plumb and align. The modular combination of plumbing struts, prop heads and prop shoes makes for optimum usability with Doka formwork systems.

High safety

from having the formwork reliably secured 

  • wind forces are safely transferred, thanks to optimised load capacity over entire extension length
  • safe, fast anchoring in the base slab using the re-useable Doka express anchor

Fast plumbing and fixing

thanks to easy handling 

  • quick connectors make them easy to fix to the various different formwork systems
  • Quick height adjustment using numbered pegging holes – fine adjustment is then done via a thread

Long lifespan

thanks to high manufacturing quality 

  • rugged build and galvanised surfaces make for high numbers of repeat uses
  • concealed thread provides effective pro­tection against soiling
Doka express anchor

Fast, dependable fixing of panel and plumbing struts with the Doka express anchor

plumbing struts

Pre-cast walls are supported and aligned quickly and safely with the plumbing struts.

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