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The right release-agent for every application

Doka offers release-agents for both smooth and absorbent formwork surfaces. They have an excellent separating effect and make for attractive concrete surfaces.



The release-agent specially designed for smooth form-facings 

  • easy to apply – is simply sprayed on with no need to wipe off any excess
  • bright, low-pore concrete faces, due to the chemical composition of the emulsion
  • 'ready' indicator rules out incorrect use – pouring can begin as soon as the white colour has disappeared
  • can also be sprayed on in light rain and at temperatures of down to -4° C
  • ready for use for up to 14 days after being applied
  • eco-friendly, as it is bio-degradable


The universal release-agent for absorbent formwork surfaces 

  • excellent separating effect makes formwork easy to detach
  • highly cost-efficient, as it can be used very sparingly (up to 100 m²/l)
  • excellent creepability leaves a protective coating on construction equipment and formwork
  • frost resistant, so can be used all year round
  • does not impair adhesion of subsequent coats or smoothing-layers on the concrete
Doka release agents

Doka release agents are available in practical containers of various sizes.

comparison concrete surfaces

A comparison that says it all: on the left, a concrete surface formed using Doka-OptiX – on the right, a concrete surface with a petroleum-based release agent.


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