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Frequently asked questions concerning Framini

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What is the difference between Frami and Framini?

Frami Xlife is using galvanized frame with Xlife plywood, which has longer life span and higher reusability. Framini is a more economical approach (with powder coated frame and Birch plywood) with slightly lower reusability to meet the budget for certain projects or applications.

How fast is Framini?

Framini use rapid connecting parts to connect two panels. The amount of connectors is relatively less to minimize the workforce requirements. Framini is also light enough to be carried by one person so the assembly time is greatly reduced. The forming time is 0.4 – 0.6 h/m².

What is the right application for Framini?

Framini can be used as formwork for various applications like for walls, columns & foundations, beam sides, stop-ends and much more.

What is the maximum concrete pressure capacity of Framini?

50 kN/m2 for wall formwork, 75 kN/m2 for column formwork with universal panels.

What type of plywood is used in Framini panels?

Framini is using 12 mm Birch plywood (120 g/sqm phenolic coating) which can be reused up to 50 times.

What is the protection used for the Framini frames?

Framini frames are powder coated.

What is the durability and number of reuses for Framini?

With proper handling and care, the lifetime of the Framini frame can reach up to 8 years. In case of any damage the frame is repairable and single profiles can be replaced (weldable steel). With the replacements of plywood you can achieve up to 500 reuses.

What are the panel sizes available for Framini?

Following Framini standard panels are available:
The heights of 1.00 m and 1.50 m with the widths of 30, 40, 50, 55, 60, 65 and 75 cm.
The height of 2.50 m with the widths 30, 40, 50, 60 cm.

Following Framini universal panels are avialable:
The heights of 1.00 m and 1.50 m with the widths of 45 and 75 cm.
The height of 2.50 m with a width of 45 cm.

What is the maximum wall height / column height formed using Framini?

In the standard application Framini can be used to form wall/column up to 4 m height. Higher further forming heights are possible and may need additional accessories to strengthen the paneljoints for lifting, crane handling, pouring and wind loads. (Contact Doka Engineering for further information)

What column sizes are possible with Framini?

The max. column dimension with 0.75 m wide universal panels is 65 x 65 cm.
The max. column dimension with 0.45 m wide universal panels is 35 x 35 cm.
Smaller column cross sections can be formed in a 5 cm increment.

Can Frami accessories be used in Framini?

A lot of Frami accessories can also be used for Framini accessories like clamps, universal walings, tie rods, super plates, lifting hooks etc.

What is the weight of the Framini panels?

A Framini panel 0.75 x 1.50 m weighs 32.7 kg and a Framini panel 0.60 x 2.50 m withs 44.5 kg - respectively a m²-weight of aroung 29 kg/m².

How is the concrete finish of the Framini?

Concrete finish Framed formwork Framini

The concrete finish using Framini is smooth with regular hole pattern and panel outline as generated by all other standard framed formwork systems.

Frame imprint, rivet imprints, tie holes not symmetrical, aligned joint pattern due to logical panel grid.

How much workforce is required to set up / remove Framini from site?

You need minimum of 2 workers on site to assemble / disassemble the panels.

How much crane capacity is needed to lift up a gang-form Framini?

A 4.5 m wide, 3 m high Framini gang-form panels weighs around 500 kg.

How do I clean the panels after use?

You can use a regular concrete scraper or a high-pressure spray cleaner with pressure rating of 200 to 300 bar (max).


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