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DokaCAD 9 for AutoCAD

El eficiente software de planificación para mayor eficiencia

Aúna la planificación rápida y automática del encofrado con la flexibilidad de un sistema CAD.

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Rendimiento máximo

en la planificación de proyectos

Realice su planificación con la máxima eficiencia

  • la movilidad realista de piezas como puntales estabilizadores o puntales
  • más de 41 000 soluciones prácticas con un clic del ratón, además dependiendo del proyecto
  • perfecta ayuda logística, desde las existencias del almacén, hasta una exacta lista de piezas del proyecto por ciclos

Manejo perfecto

para profesionales de la planificación

DokaCAD 9 for AutoCAD es extremadamente cómodo para el usuario

  • tanto en planificaciones de proyectos complejas, como también sencillas
  • y entusiasma gracias a su presentación tridimensional de los resultados de la planificación
  • gracias a la barra multifunción en lugar de menús y barras de herramientas
  • con tooltips para una información precisa

Gran flexibilidad

con DokaCAD 9 for AutoCAD


  • gracias a la completa integración en AutoCAD©
  • por la tecnología de 64 bit
  • de los programas de asistencia integrados también para soluciones de encofrado individuales
  • del cambio de idioma de los documentos asistido por programa

Plannable Doka Systems

Doka Wall Systems
  • all framed formwork
  • Large-area formwork Top 50, FF20, FF100 tec, FL20 U100
  • Circular formwork H20
Doka Floor Systems
  • Dokaflex 30 tec
  • Dokaflex 1-2-4
  • Dokaflex S
  • Superdek
  • Dokadek 20
  • Dokadek 30
  • Dokamatic table
Doka Safety Systems
  • Edge protection system XP on structure
  • Bracket platform M
  • Folding platform K
Doka Shoring Systems
  • Staxo
  • Staxo 40
  • Staxo 100
  • Load-bearing tower d2
  • Staxo 100 F
  • Staxo 100 eco

Minimum system requirements

  • Operating system 64-bit: Windows 10
  • AutoCAD 2019-2022 (64-bit version, latest release in each case) including Express Tools,
  • AutoCAD LT is not suitable
  • CPU: 2.5-2.9 GHz processor
  • 8 GB RAM (16 GB RAM recommended)
  • 15 GB hard drive space (SSD recommended)
  • Graphics card: 1 GB GPU and compatible with mit DirectX 11

Country versions

  • DE
  • FR
  • IT
  • ES
  • GB
  • US

Frequently asked questions

What is DokaCAD for AutoCAD particularly good at?

DokaCAD for AutoCAD is the powerful planning system for increased efficiency and planning cases.It combines the fast, automatic formwork planning with the flexibility of a CAD system

How do I update my version?

Updates are available for download in the Installer. They can be installed without intermediate steps as necessary. We recommend keeping the programme versions always up to date.

Where can I get help if I have a problem?

You can email questions about installation and authorisation to For questions about how to use the programme, please use the built-in Help function. For questions regarding formwork technology and individual training offerings, please contact the Applications Engineering dept. at your nearest Doka branch.

What file formats can DokaCAD for AutoCAD handle?

DokaCAD stores the data in the AutoCAD drawing (.dwg) format. It can read its data from the current version and previous versions. This applies to max. two version levels before the current version.

Do I need any special prior knowledge in order to use DokaCAD for AutoCAD?

DokaCAD for AutoCAD is based on AutoCAD, so a good knowledge of AutoCAD is needed.The user interface makes use of terms that are common in the construction and formwork-engineering fields, so it is obviously an advantage to have technical knowledge in these areas. The same goes for basic skills in Microsoft Windows.

You can call up a Help box for every menu item and dialogue.

How does authorisation work?

  • Download the Installer
  • Start the programme and step through the login procedure
  • After successful registration, the programmes are available for download and enabled

Why are the DokaCAD and DokaTools menus not displayed?

Possible causes and solutions:

  • The DokaCAD profile is corrupted. Remedy: In Configuration 8, use the button labelled 'Default settings' and then use 'OK' to close the programme.
  • The 'Model documentation' function did not install when AutoCAD was installed. Please install it now. Model documentation includes additional layout functions for generating 3D views.
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How long will I continue to receive support for version 8?

Support for version 8 was discontinued on December 31, 2018.