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Doka Career Paths

At Umdasch, we make no distinction between women and men: what counts for us is ability, attitude and commitment. We are and have been a good, reliable and absolutely trustworthy employer for many years; on all levels and in every respect.

In our company, cooperation between the generations works. Because we know that the skills of experienced people are just as important as the strong commitment and up-to-date knowledge of the younger ones. Our intergenerational work style and learning opportunities create a win-win situation for everyone.

Experienced professionals

Switching from your old workplace to the Umdasch Group means joining a company where the possibilities of a big and internationally active organisation go hand in hand with the job qualities of a locally rooted company. It will mean chances and security for you, but also requires commitment and mobility in terms of time, space and thinking.

Current job offers

Job starters

A good start whets the appetite for more. It boosts your confidence and clarifies your personal goals. At Umdasch, a good start will also broaden your horizon towards a more global view and show you the broad spectrum of professional possibilities. Given the chance to put your knowledge into practice, your motivation will grow. The companies of the Umdasch Group are solution-oriented, hands-on companies.

Current job offers
Ability and experience will bring you ahead

To further your professional and personal development, to pursue an interesting career and to get involved internationally, you need an employer who not only permits but actively supports that. We offer these perspectives and a secure future. Worldwide.

Professional reorientation and beginning

Sound preparation is the key to success. That’s why we take our time to prepare our people in the best possible way for the upcoming tasks: with well-structured training plans, job rotation and internal as well as external workshops, for example Doka’s four-week training course for engineers.

Target agreements

Skills are only of great value if they are used purposefully and effectively. Jointly agreed targets specify the tasks, performance criteria and framework conditions. That’s only fair and ensures desired solutions and results for all parties. The basis of all success stories.

University students

Experience otherwise dry theory in the colourful world of practice, help create results, get in touch with internationality, document your own progress and successfully finish your training – with our internships and contacts, Umdasch Group has become a helpful guide and coach for many students. And consequently, a trusted employer.

Current job offers
The High Potentials are coming

If you are successful in your studies, you show genuine interest in your chosen field of expertise and willingness to put even more intensive and consistent effort into it. We strongly support these efforts because such an attitude distinguishes the type of people we want in our team to create our future together, to further innovations and to achieve new successes.

Getting to know each other

Offering several internships abroad every year, workshops and studies in our companies and practical support in finding topics for final papers and theses, we contribute our share to the development of the future elite. This is how we build up a good reputation among all those who will soon be the decision makers. With us or in other companies.